Opal Rings in Australia

Opal rings in Australia Opal Rings in Australia, the most reliable source of opal: Details would not be complete without a brief review of the opal fields. Since the mid 19th century when opal was first found in Australia in Queensland and later in NSW at White Cliffs, then Coober Pedy and Andamooka. White Cliffs was […]

Opal rings-cost advice

Opal rings-cost advice Opal rings-cost advice-First consideration It’s pretty obvious that you have to think about an approximate budget before committing to buy. It’s possible to buy opal rings from under $50 if you look for low grade or synthetic lab opals (‘lab’ is short for ‘laboratory’ which means that they are man-made) Can you afford […]

Sterling silver opal ring

Sterling silver opal ring Sterling silver opal ring? Why has silver become so popular in opal rings? One major reason is an economic one. I remember when gold was $40 a troy oz back in the early 70’s. We all have our ‘if only’ memories. ‘if only’ we had bought a couple of kilos of […]

How to Clean and Polish a Jewelry Ring

How to Clean and Polish a Jewelry Ring How to Clean and Polish a Jewelry Ring. We focus on rings.They are always the jewelry item that gets the roughest treatement because as much as we are advised not to wear them in the garden, in the washup, or working on the car, we seem to […]

Genuine Opal Rings For Sale

Genuine Opal rings for sale Genuine Opal Rings For Sale: The reason why we have to use the word ‘genuine’ in front of ‘opal rings’ is that there are so many tricky sites selling what looks like the real thing but are in fact stones manufactured in a laboratory. This site is dedicated to only […]

Opal Ring Boulder

Opal ring boulder Opal Ring Boulder along with pendants, earrings, bracelets and various other jewelry, gain a lot of popularity when the feature stone is boulder opal. In this case, the opal ring is an example of an elongated oval set sideways on the finger with a two-point diamond at either end. “boulder opals” have been […]

Black Opal Rings Video

Black Opal Rings Hi, and welcome to Black Opal Rings blog post! If you would like to see our full range of Opal Rings then please go to www.opalmine.com homepage! Thanks for visiting the opalmine. PS. Don’t forget to bookmark us or share this website online! Go to the pink HELP button for more information […]

Natural Opal Rings

Natural Opal Rings Natural Opal Rings at the opalmine.com site are many and extensive. They come in all shapes and sizes from just tiny ones for ladies who like really little rings, to very large bulky ones to match the current trend to wearing very large jewelry. Natural Opal Rings can be set in a […]

Designer Opal Jewelry

Designer Opal jewelry Designer Opal Jewelry: Who on the earth does not want to wear a piece of sparkling Designer Opal Jewelry which can be defined as a piece of jewellery which has been created by a jewelry [jewellery in U.K. language] artist and so is usually much more expensive in comparison to mass-produced items? Despite […]