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Opalmine Refund Policy

Please note that insurance companies are not covering loss due to the covid 19 pandemic. Having said that, though there are sometimes lengthy delays, so far we have not lost any parcels.

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Refund Policy
from left Peter, Cindy, Renate, Anita at a convention
Refund Policy

Refund Policy: If there is one thing I can’t stand is when you buy something from the local store and it has a really long-winded complicated jargon of legalistic terms explaining what the refund policy is.

I don’t have time to be mulling through all those documents and unless you are a legal person I doubt that the average person would get any joy out of it.

So in plain language in as few words as possible, this is the deal with the opalmine refund policy.

1. First, make sure that what you are ordering is what you want and you can talk to peter direct about your needs by making a comment in the blog below or leaving a note in the pink live help chat box at the right-hand side bottom of most pages. If the chat is not live, please leave your email address and name.

2. We don’t just have a one-year guarantee policy. If something goes wrong with anything we sell you that is our fault after ten years, we are here for you to help, to replace, to repair or to do anything possible to make life easier for you. Of course if the damage is your fault because of wearing a ring for example in the garden and you break it against a rock, we would want you to tell us honestly about that but even if that DID happen, more often than not we would find a way of fixing it for a little or no cost to you, apart maybe from return postage.

3. If however when you get your item you just don’t like it or it was not what you thought it was, simply email Peter, explaining it and there will be a refund to you UNLESS the item is a special design that you have assigned us to manufacture by third-party jewelers. In which case it is not refundable for obvious reasons as stated below.

So to reiterate, an exception to this is if you select a stone and we make a special design for you, it involves third-party expenses which cannot be reimbursed so a refund is not possible unless the stone we supply is damaged by the jeweler, in which case a new stone can be supplied but you must keep in mind that each opal is unique and the replacement stone will not look like the original stone even though of course we will do our very best to please you.

So when you do order a special design, please make sure before you decide that it is what you want because refunds will not be available. Of course, we will help you each step of the way to make the decision, but we can only do our best. The final job is never EXACTLY like the rough sketch.

4. We always use PayPal which is a THIRD PARTY processor of your credit cards and its a simple matter of getting them to reimburse you when the item is returned. We don’t even have access to your credit details unless you insist on us processing your card instead of PayPal.

5. I think that’s about it! if you want to check my credibility, simply type in Peter Brusaschi into google and you will get about 20 pages of information about me and if you can find ONE negative comment about my honesty and reliability, you will have a reason not to deal with us. However, if you DO I would much appreciate knowing about it because it would be some sort of mistake that I would need to fix.

6. What you could do for that extra bit of reassurance is go to our testimonials page and take a look at a very long list of the way we handle our customers. The best recommendation is what others say. (self-praise is no recommendation) Please take note of the certificate of authenticity shown on this page which is difficult to read so we will quote the main paragraph that applies to your purchase:

“This certificate guarantees that you are purchasing a NATURAL opal from the gem fields of Australia. The opal has been cut and polished and presented in its natural state either as an unset stone or set in jewelry” please take a look at our picture guide so that you can learn the different ways opal is cut and polished.

7. Sometimes the customs entry into your country will charge an entry tax. Please note that opalmine is not responsible for this tax and the amount is not refundable, so please check with your customs before purchasing if you have concerns about this. Just to mention that in the over 20 years of posting to all parts of the world, this has only happened on rare occasions.

PS. Keep in mind that natural opals can be presented in a variety of different ways as in opal matrix, opal triplets, and opal doublets which are set in a dark background to create a black opal effect. For more details about this, please go to the opal picture guide here

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  1. Hi,
    I am interested in a pendant but it is set in 14k yellow gold. Is it possible to have it set in 10 k white gold instead?

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