Opal Ring Boulder- 5593-with diamonds set in gold

boulder opal with diamonds

Opal ring boulder 5593a.    look at a video of this ring

boulder opals” have been mined in Australia for over 100 year in the fields of Western Queensland.  click here to buy this ring

Opal Ring Boulder- 5593-with diamonds set in 18k yellow gold

Boulder opal ring comparison

Opal rings” along with pendants, earrings, bracelets and various other jewelry, gain a lot of popularity when the feature stone is a boulder opal.  In this case the opal ring is an example of an elongated oval set sideways on the finger with a two point diamond at either end. The stone is securely set in a bezel which means that the 18k yellow gold which is very malleable is actually rolled on to the stone itself, making it the type of ring that people like to wear just about all the time, would aspire to.

Opal ring boulder care

As far as the gold is concerned, there is not much problem if it gets a few scratches on it as long as they are not too deep, they can easily be removed with some household silver or chrome polish.  The idea is to get a piece of cotton rag, dip it into the past and apply it to the gold and briskly scrub it. Then allow it to dry and give it another polish with a clean cloth.  If the scratch is still there, just repeat the process. However in the case of boulder opals, its wise to be a bit more careful.  Its better not to wear them in the garden or somewhere that they could come into contact with hard surfaces such as concrete or rocks. So girls, please wear glove if you insist on keep it on during these menial tasks, or take it off your finger.

Boulder opal ring design

In this particular ring, the sides of the setting are enhanced with small diamonds. Opal of course stands by itself in regard to stunning colors and appearance but some feel that diamonds which are a neutral color serve to set the amazing black opal off and give it a nice setting.

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