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Terms and Conditions Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee

Terms and Conditions: We try to help our customers even if something breaks as a result of mishandling, so, if you DO have a breakage we will do our very best to help with as little cost as possible.

More often than not, free, apart from maybe $20 freight cost. But with reasonable use, we don’t expect our workmanship to let you down in a year or in five years or more. We don’t like the ‘one year guarantee’ offered by most companies.

It’s just not ethical if something breaks down a week after the year is up for some manufacturing defect, to not guarantee work. So you can feel safe and secure in ordering anything from Opalmine.

We treat our customers like we would members of our family as you will note if you read the thousands of recommendations, some of which are displayed here.

Terms and Conditions
international guarantee certificate

Secure payment Terms and Conditions

Our Secure Payment System

Internet Transactions are executed through an SSL Server (Digitally signed Secure Socket Layer with256-bit encryption). Your credit card details are kept highly secure and are not transmitted via email.

The page which collects your credit card and contact details is high-grade encrypted before being sent over the internet. This encryption prevents unauthorized people from viewing information travelling between computers.

Using PayPal for Your Purchases

PayPal is the fastest and most convenient way to purchase items online. Our website can handle payments made through PayPal. Direct debit from your PayPal account will be made and this will immediately be credited to our account.

Your payment will be acknowledge and a receipt will be sent to your email. Our system will also mark your purchase as paid and we will process the item for delivery right away. Delivery and Other Policies What is your Returns Policy?

If something we send is faulty, there is no question about returns. Just get in touch with us through the inquiry form and we will then let you know the best method of returning.

Whether the return is because of some problem caused by us, or for some other reason, you may keep any extra bonus items that we always include, to cover your return postage. No need to send it special delivery.

Just use normal air mail with basic registration so it has to be signed for [Usually $20] and bear in mind in the refund that there can be an exchange rate difference in the return price, sometimes in your favor, and sometimes in ours. If this is in any way unsatisfactory please contact us and we will make sure you are not out of pocket.

We always try to be negotiable if you don’t like something we send but please ask all the questions you like BEFORE ordering, particularly with special jobs because sometimes we spend hours designing, creating, manufacturing something really beautiful only to be told by the customer that this is not exactly what was wanted. Understandably this puts us well out of pocket, and it may not be possible to return it, particularly when we have paid all associated costs to third party manufacturers. However, if an item is bought as a gift and the receiver doesn’t like it, please return it by ordinary airmail to keep the costs down. But always talk to us first by leaving your details here so that we can make sure the return details are correct.

What is your Policy With Wrongly Priced Items ?

Sometimes we make a mistake with a price in our online catalogue and we know this isn’t your fault, it’s ours. Usually, we will just send the item if the price difference isn’t too great. However, if the price online is very far from the value of the item we cannot afford to just wear the the cost and we will let you know (We recently had someone order a large opal marked as $300 when it was in fact valued at $3000).

We will try to work out a better deal on the item you desire or make a recommendation of something else in your price range. Please bear with us as we update the website and make changes to our catalogue. We will always send a free gift for any incorrectly marked items.

What is your Security Policy?

Internet Transactions are executed through an SSL Server (Digitally signed Secure Socket Layer with 256 bit encryption). Your credit card details are kept highly secure and are not transmitted via email.

The page which collects your credit card and contact details is high-grade encrypted before being sent over the internet. This encryption makes it nearly impossible for unauthorized people to view information traveling between computers.

Do you have an Authenticity Guarantee?

All our opals are guaranteed genuine opal stones, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity upon sale. This document contains a basic description of your item.

For more expensive items, you may request a detailed analysis of your stone, such as origin, classification, weight, colors, and dimensions, and is an excellent record for valuation and insurance purposes.

Who am I dealing with?

You are not dealing with a large impersonal company; you are dealing with a person; Peter Brusaschi. Ours is a small family business. I personally try to oversee all transactions. My daughters, Anita and Cindy do much of the jewelry setting, designing, and stock control.

Wes, my friend for over 20 years is an amazing guy. He handles everything from spreadsheets to HTML, graphics, promotions, you name it, and is an accomplished musician, producer, sound recorder, and whatever else has to be done that requires inspiration, and he learnt it all by just feeling his way through it. My wife Renate busies herself with voluntary community activities.

I have several opal cutters and jewelers working for me. People I have dealt with and trusted over many years. Difficulties with stones and special cutting jobs I personally supervise. Please take a look at happy customers the sections of this site to read what people have said about our service.

We have many more referral letters but we have posted a selection of them. Some, where there have been some problem with freight or payment so that you can read from the customer’s viewpoint, how we handled the matter.

I always encourage my customers to include any negativity they can find in their reports so that you can see that we are human and don’t always get it right. But one thing we will say is that if we do get things wrong at times, we will make sure it will work out in your favor.

The biggest fault we have is in stock control. It sometimes happens that you order something that has been sold and not properly recorded. This has mainly been due to imperfect reporting by computer programs [haaa…it’s great to be able to blame a poor machine]

But Cindy is in the process of correcting that so we hope it doesn’t happen again. In any case, if it does, you, our dear customer will always end up with something better than what you ordered, at OUR expense.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We do not pass on any of your contact details to any third party WHATSOEVER. Your personal details are kept STRICTLY confidential. We do not hold on to your credit card details after we ship your purchase.

Freight and insurance details

All orders sent by us over $100 are automatically freight and insurance free. All shipping costs are included in your price so you dont have to worry about extra details.

If your item is under $100 you can opt to have it covered for that amount at a cost of $20. Otherwise, cheaper items are sent by ordinary airmail. After ten years of sendings, there have been very minimal losses.

What is your Freight policy Terms and Conditions?

Unless otherwise requested, all goods are sent by registered airmail through Australia Post. As mentioned before, your items over $100 are covered for freight and insurance, but keep in mind that some countries do not accept registered mail insurance [i.e. Canada] Please email us if you are from those areas, and please check your area here.

Just select your country from the drop-down list. You can also have items sent via FedEx by door to door courier. This special service which gives you a tracking number and claims a delivery within a week, can cost from $50 to $100, so to avoid this charge please try to buy gifts well ahead of the deadline.

How long does it take for the parcel to arrive?

Please allow as much time as possible for deliveries. Cindy in Dispatch likes to make double sure that everything is correct and always includes some nice gift boxing and extras which you will just love. And of course, if you have requested a special card, it takes time to do those too.

The post office claims that the goods should be to you in about a week but experience tells that it can take up to two and sometimes more weeks, depending on the time of year. Special E.M.S. Courier service available if required within a week but there is no insurance on this facility. However, losses are extremely rare.

If ordering and you want your purchase within a week please mention this in the comments with your order. Keep in mind that some countries are more efficient than others in the postal system. Sometimes customs hold parcels up and its not the fault of the postal system.

If there is a delay, just let us know and we will let you know the postal document number to inquire at your post office and we will submit the inquiry from this end as well. If the postal system in your country is not good, we may have to use other freight companies such as FedEx, but these are much more expensive, although they are very reliable and fast and can deliver often in a few days, and you get a tracking number.

If for some reason your parcel does not turn up inside say 3 weeks, please contact us FIRST before reporting it to Paypal so that we can first have the opportunity to prove to you that it HAS been sent by sending you a copy of the Postal document. If this is not done, we just have to do it again through Paypal and this extends the problem unnecessarily

If an item is lost, you will need to request a lost parcel form from your post office and submit before anything else is done.

Keep in mind that this is a very rare happening. Usually lost parcels are a result of incorrect zip codes or someone changing addresses in mid stream or sadly theft in some countries where the postal system is not as reliable.

Keep in mind that, as stated previously, we always try to keep our customers happy no matter what but it does help us to follow through correctly with lost parcel matters so that the post office is required to pay if they lose something.

Remember that we pay them well for insurance and registration, so we need to use that facility should it become necessary. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

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  1. I would like to order the man ring 5412. But I need a special big size. I live in VT, United States. Can I contact with someone to discuss the details? Or what is the best way to make a special order?

    1. Angela, just checking your request now. I notice that i have an email from you as well about the opal ring, so i will send you a reply to that. best wishes, Peter

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