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We guarantee our products and services – since 1972

We have thousands of recommendations from happy customers over the past 40 years. Please ask for details if desired.

Testimonials and Recommendations
Peter on an opal buying trip to Coober Pedy, the largest opal mining area in the world

Testimonials and recommendations from thousands

Testimonials and Recommendations: Thank you so much for all your very encouraging comments about the way we care for our customers. I am so happy that some of you have mentioned specific difficulties we had in the transaction, sometimes it was our fault as a result of human imperfection and it gave us the opportunity to make sure you are happy with our service.

This is often a challenge when something goes wrong that is outside our control, such as postal difficulties but there has never been a case that we are aware of that things have not been sorted out to your benefit, even if it costs us.

We try to treat folks the way WE like to be treated when doing business and rather than creating a problem for ourselves, even though at times it costs us money, our business just keeps expanding because of your much-appreciated recommendations. Thank you one and all for your feedback.

Please continue to contribute to this forum at the bottom of this page, and as always, don’t hesitate to let us know if there are any problems. And keep in mind that our guarantees don’t run out in one year. Please fill in the newsletter form on the left side of our homepage here, if you would like to receive our newsletter. Best wishes to all,

Some History about our Opal Shop

Before the internet, we sold opals and Sheepskin Products at the ‘Opal Miner’s Hut’ for 25 years. The actual building, which is no longer there, used to be a fisherman’s home. it was caricatured by Graham Lees into an Opal Miner’s Hut.

Testimonials and Recommendations: The book below and to the right is a collection of 8000 signatures of just a few of our happy customers. Since opening our store on the internet back in 1996, the customer testimonials are too numerous to show here, so we have listed a few of them for your perusal

8000 signatures over 30 years & still counting

8000 signatures in our visitor’s book at the ‘opal miner’s Hut’ spanning over 25 years

  • Thousands of recommendations and thank-you notes from internet customers since 1996
  • Reliable and trustworthy service to the internet community spanning over 25 years

The following comments from our customers represent the best testimonials but still only a tiny fraction of the expressions we have received over the past 50+ years.

We have 8000 signatures from visitors to our opal store, plus thousands of emails since being online.

We have been selling opals on the internet from just about when it began, in 1996. I guess this makes us one of the grandfathers of opals online.

During this time we have had very few negative comments, mainly our fault because of not ascertaining people’s needs properly.

It certainly has been a learning curve for all of us, and of course, we continue to improve with each passing year.

Testimonials and RecommendationsVisitors’ book cover

Testimonials and Recommendations Visitors’ book signatures

Testimonials and Recommendations Visitors’signatures

Testimonials are an ongoing statement of our reputation

As you can see in this, our latest upgrade (2010) the whole site is a blog. (a weblog that is) This means that at the bottom of most pages, there is a place for comments from customers, and this is where we get some of our best testimonials.

This means that you can read what others are saying or questions they have asked. The whole site is one big learning system, meaning that you, our valued visitor, whether you buy anything or not, can get to know a whole lot more about opal and Australia. We are delighted to welcome you to this site, so don’t hesitate to communicate with us, if you feel like it.

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Helping our customers choose the right opal for their preferences and budget is always a challenge. Sometimes it takes a couple of e-mail exchanges to zero-in on exactly what someone has in mind…and we’re just as anxious as our customers until we know a shipment has arrived safely and the jewelry or stones meet their expectations.

Testimonials and Recommendations
We export to the four corners of the planet. This is Dr.Ahmed from Iraq. He bought a boulder opal ring from me.

Note, we have not published the email addresses of our referrals for obvious security reasons but many of them have given us permission to contact them direct, so if you would like to verify any of the statements, let us know and we will ask them again for their permission. That way you can be sure that none of the recommendations are in any way fabricated but are all genuine responses as a result of our quality service. They are all a part of our best testimonials

So, we hope you enjoy reading some of our best testimonials, and we would be delighted to read your comments as well, whether they are positive or negative. We are always trying to find ways of improving and your criticism is appreciated. Peter

PS. You can also go to a site independent of us to make some comments. We very much welcome the feedback of our customers and we would like any who want to write or see an unbiased review of our service to go to our Google page.

Visitors to outback Australia

Below is a collection of just some of the comments we get back from happy customers. Please take a look and let us know if you would like to talk to them personally after I get their permission.


Dear Peter

I am writing to you so that you can inform any potential customers about the very positive and generous way in which you have dealt with a problem.

Buying on the internet takes a leap of trust- I hope that sharing my experience might help others in judging and maybe leaping!

Unfortunately, I received the wrong item from you- a green opal instead of a blue one. Clearly, there was a simple mistake in the Christmas rush, but it was still disappointing.

Since the mistake was pointed out I have been delighted and surprised by the way in which you have dealt with the problem. Receiving a daily update on progress during the Christmas/new year holiday was very reassuring and beyond the normal call of duty. You also included an extra item to apologize for the problem– this is not a standard way of dealing with complaints over here, but it was a very nice surprise.

I would recommend your service and products to anyone.

Very best regards

Phil Sizer


Opal Pendant is beautiful. Arrived quickly and safely. Thank you for the earrings and pendant.



Hello Peter and Cindy:
The opal we recently ordered just arrived, packaged well and with the spare chain. It is beautiful. The extra gift is also very much appreciated. My son, Nick, wanted to give this necklace to his girlfriend (a very serious girlfriend) who had lost the opal necklace she bought when she was down under. His smile when he saw the necklace made clear that this opal is just what he wanted.
My wife and I just met this young lady–her name is Jess–and I can see why he is so taken with her. Attached is a photo of the two.
Thank you very much for your caring service and quality product. Young love needs opals.

Tom Owen
Arizona, USA


Absolutely magnificent and thanks for the gift. Peter Thanks so much for your help and rushing the order For the 25th. Your the best.

Michael Albright


I want to thank you very much for the opal pendant you sent. Even though I had an idea of what it looked like when ordering it, it still made me take a deep breath when seeing it for the first time in person. The complementary earrings you gave were the icing to the perfect cake.
I can not wait to see the reaction of my girlfriend. I want to give it to her now, but I have to wait 19 more agonizing days until Christmas.
On top of it all there was also a cute koala pendant with my order. I can not believe the generosity that came with my order.
I will definitely use your business again, and I will be recommending you to others.
Once again: thank you. You have made me very happy!


Ps. I now have a strong desire to visit down under.


WOW!! Just received my orders.Peter your work is TOP SHELF I’m so very pleased I do not know what to say…..My wife will be home from work soon and I know she is going to flip out.We {WILL} do more biz..Thank you so much Pete.

PS. Tell Cindy thanks for the Freebees They are very wonderful also.

Color me happy Ron Dapo


I recommend this site to anyone interested in Excellent Quality and workmanship! The boulder opal watch that I purchased from this website is Absolutely Gorgeous! I get compliments on it every time I wear it!
Great communication from the Customer Service department as well. I couldn’t be more pleased!!

Thanks again,
Laurie Z. Penn, Radcliff, KY USA


I’m Dror from Israel. After a long search for Opal rings in local stores, I have found out two things:
1. Opal rings are expensive.
2. Every store sells the same boring rings.

I have decided to search the web for opal rings and I found the site of Peter. I sent an e-mail to Peter with the normal questions (time for shipment, ways of payment etc.). I got the answers immediately. I placed an order using my PayPal account but I was informed that the account was restricted. I sent an e-mail to Peter, telling him that I’m going to place a new order, this time giving him my credit card number, and asked him to discard the first order. The next day my Pay pal account was charged although restricted. I sent another e-mail to Peter and asked him not to charge me on the second order (with my credit card details), But Peter answered that he didn’t get any payment from PayPal. A day later I was charged on my second order. A big fraud, I thought to myself…

Once again I wrote Peter and he did his best to help me get the refund from PayPal and finally I got it. 3 weeks later I got my ring too. Although Australia is quite far from Israel, Peter gave me the feeling that he was beside me. Every question was immediately answered with a good will to help and satisfy me.

My girl LOVES the ring!


I like to buy at Petren Products, because they take customer demands very
seriously and give a personal advice. Finally, when I choose a product, I
know I made the best decision.
Keep going like this, Renate and Peter. You are great.
Regards, Ewa


I first found looking for a one of a kind black opal on the internet. I was wary sending money out of the country to a company I did not
know with no way to get my money back if the stone was of pour quality or
not as represented. This had already happened to me once. On e-mailing Peter
back and forth he sounded honest. He had a black opal that no one else even
came close to in color, fire and price. Plus he had a ring made to fit the
stone with diamonds. He had drawings done first for my approval then in
plastic, ( I think it was plastic )when I got the ring it was perfect and
one of a kind. My trust paid off and I found that Peter is a stand up guy
and will do all he can to make you happy with your purchase. I recommend him
to all.
Phillip Shannon; Florida, USA


A quick note to thank you for the extra opal necklace with my order. My 4-year old daughter stashed it in her secret treasure box. Lovely pendant, my wife loves it.
Happy new year,
Todd – Derwood. MD-USA


Peter, the packages arrived and my girlfriend loved them. Thanks for the extra gift. I will be using you in the future for sure. If you ever need a reference you may use me.
Gerald -Denver, Colorado, USA


Received ring today, with extra gift. Thank you for a fantastic service.


Dear Peter, many thanks for the lovely sparkly pendant. One of the ladies in my life will treasure it. I really must study your site thoroughly and see if I can find a stone in the orange/red range that would make a great Gent’s ring. I can spare a few hundred quid on myself from time to time especially now that I have decided that long haul flights are not for me any more. Once again, much appreciation for your thoughts and service.
Best wishes
Mike. -Bristol – England


Hi Peter,
Dain received the ring at his work on Friday. I LOVE the ring, its beautiful!!! And the pendant you sent was a perfect match for the ring, its a style I would have chosen myself. I think it is a very nice to send a little extra thing for me! I will recommend you to any of my friends, and I will be buying some more opals next year! Many Thanks Peter I’m chuffed to bits.
Michelle Smith
Chesham, Buckinghamshire.


The jewelry I ordered arrived today. It is all beautiful! Thank you very much for the “extra” set of earrings and bracelet
Gordy -Perth, Western Australia


I was very happy with the time and trouble you took over my purchase and I have passed your samples and cards around my friends. For anyone interested in buying opals who knows nothing about the gem, or what best to buy, you would be well advised and well looked after by Peter .I was in this situation and Peter took time, and a lot of it, to sort me out. The whole process took about six months from start to finish, and the result was 1st class. Peter answers all your questions quickly and clearly. I would not go to anyone else for OPALS.
Jean Pearce
Cricklade – Wiltshire, England


Hello Peter:
After staying for some days in Sao Paulo, my friend finally arrived yesterday in Belo Horizonte, where I live.You made me very happy: the pendant and the ear-ring are indeed very beautiful. Thank you for your courtesy. I have been in Australia three years ago: it’s a great and wonderful country, with a very nice people.
Thank you again.
Ana Adelina
Belo Horizonte. Brazil


The Story of the Sad Canadian Girl & an Opal Bloke from Australia
This article sounds like its been written by a very close relative who hopes for a share in the will…haaa…but I really have never met Cindy before. Only through cyberspace. I try not to blow my bags too much, but the story just had to be told, and it’s a little positive indication to show how people who have never met before at different parts of our amazing world, can keep their word and show genuine interest and consideration for one another. Sure, it’s my standard policy to think of my customers interests before my own, but it was Cindy who showed the patience and understanding necessary to bring out the best in myself. And unless we all learn this lesson, and get rid of greed and hatred, I fear for the future of our planet. – Peter Brusaschi

I’m not much of a writer, but both Peter and I decided that we should get our experience down on paper… or at least on a computer screen! This is a true story about two people a world away, how they met and how refreshing it was to meet a truly good person. Now, since I’m not much of a writer (I think it’s worth mentioning twice) I’ll start from the beginning and hopefully not bore you too much along the way… Here goes…
My grandmother left me an opal when she passed away, back in 1986, I was 10 years old. It was so pretty and so sentimental to me that I decided to wear it only for special occasions; it was there for my graduation & again on my wedding day, four years later. Then I received an email, one of those forwarded ones that I usually skim through and then quickly delete. This one was different, I wish I still had it to share with you, but unfortunately my old computer died and took it to its grave. I felt like it was written just for me, a poem about enjoying the things you have while you still can.
Why tuck something so beautiful away, you’ll find that at some point in your life it’ll be too late to enjoy it. What a waste. So I decided that I needed to wear that pendant & show it off proudly. I wore it day in and day out, always aware of it. THEN… one day while camping (yep, I even wore it camping) I was sitting on the beach with my mom and we got to talking about it. When I held it up to look at it, it looked odd… Something was definitely wrong, and my heart immediately dropped . It was ruined! One side of it had turned cloudy, where the other part remained the vibrant blue that I loved so much. I was devastated!

When we got back from our trip I immediately started looking for someone to repair my opal.
In the course of a couple of weeks, I visited 6 or 7 jewellery stores where each time I was told that it wasn’t something they were familiar with fixing, or that it wasn’t something that could be fixed. Then I found an opal jeweller. I thought “There! I’m sure THEY can do something for me!” Gemport. The name is burned into my mind. So I took the kids to Gemport with me. I went in with so much hope you could practically see it seeping from my skin! There was my would-be savior behind a glass counter talking on the phone. He saw me… And he continued talking on the phone. And talking… And talking… And talking! Finally he gets off and asks what he can do for me. Here’s pretty much how it went:
“Can you tell me if you can repair my opal?”
With a quick glance, “It’s delaminated.”
“What does that mean? It was my grandmother’s pendant, so if there’s anything you can do… ”
“It means that someone didn’t take very good care of it”
“Is there anything at all that can be done?!”
“You can buy a new opal.”
“Buy a new opal?!”
“Yep. Can’t fix it.”

I was in tears and he saw that, yet offered me not a glimmer of hope. As a matter of fact, he was downright rude & completely unsympathetic. I tried to compose myself as I turned my back and swiftly left without another word. I managed to get the kids into the car & I sat in the front seat for what must have been a full 5 minutes before I felt that I could drive the ½ hour home again. The kids, who are usually either laughing or arguing with one another, were unusually silent – I guess they can sense when mom needs some time.
Delaminated. Is that what he said? Yes. That’s it. I’ll google it! I googled it and up pops the website: . What pretty opals! What the heck, I’ll email and see if they can offer me that glimmer of hope that “Gemport jerk” (as I have since dubbed him) ripped away from me. “Hi there, I hope you can help me…. “ I started my email. I tried my best to describe what the opal looked like and how I was told that it had become delaminated. I wasn’t really expecting to hear back, but it was worth a try, right? Surprisingly, and quite quickly, I received a response. “Yes it sounds like it has become delaminated, but it might be possible to fix it….” WHAT?! REALLY?! There was my glimmer of hope!!! Some guy named Peter – a million miles away – offered whatever help he could. And with that, the journey of my grandmother’s opal began.
First, to get it there. It was a risk, it was so far away & I really didn’t know this guy, Peter, but heck… what else could I do? He even offered to find or make a similar one, if it couldn’t be fixed, and no charge for trying to fix it. Wow. This guy can’t be all that bad. Ok, it was a risk I was willing to take.
Off to the post office. FORTY DOLLARS? Holy cow! $40 to send a tiny package… by SURFACE mail?! Or $60 to send it airmail?! Now, was it really worth the risk? Yes, I decided. Yes it was. So it might cost a bit… it’ll be worth it, if it works. If it doesn’t work, well at least I knew that I did everything I could. Surface mail, it is! (with insurance, of course!)
TWO MONTHS LATER. Yes, two months. I was getting worried, but I guess that’s what I get for sending it surface mail! I got an email from Peter. He had received the opal and he was able to fix it… and since it was such a simple fix, he wasn’t charging me anything but the cost to send it back to Canada. WOW! What a guy! My opal was fixed… And at no charge!!
So, going against my previous beliefs, I decided that the opal would be put back into my jewellery box and will only see the light of day on special occasions. At least I enjoyed it for those few years. Now I need another one! And who better to get it from then from Peter? I ordered one, a beautiful one, from the website. He would include it in the package with my grandmother’s opal.
Wow! My opal was coming home!
And then comes the email… “I forgot to put the pendant in the package” Huh?! Darn it! He forgot to include it with my order! Well, I guess I’ll just have to wait until it shows up in a separate package. A little more patience is all.
Then comes another email some days later…

“Bad news Cindy, I can’t find your opal” OMG. Oh My God! This can’t be happening! After all that we’ve been through with the silly thing, it comes up missing. We were on holidays in the Rockie Mountains when I read the email & I decided that I would have to try and forget about it for a few more days – it was NOT going to ruin my winter holiday! I wrote back “Please, please, please, Peter – don’t give up looking for it!” And then I received another email mentioning how he’s not going to give up looking, how sick it had made him feel , how he just can’t figure out how it went missing, and that he feels just awful… and I thought to myself that this little opal shouldn’t be causing this much trouble. I felt just as responsible as he did! So – forget about it – there’s nothing I can do, and not much else he can do. Some things are just so. If there’s nothing you can do about then there’s nothing you can do about it. Of course, I was very sad to lose it, but I guess these things happen. I took a risk; I sent it not knowing if it would come back again anyway. So I did know that it was a possibility, I just didn’t know that it would happen this way. Truthfully, I felt terrible that Peter felt terrible… and I’m sure it was vice versa as well.
I believe that things happen for a reason. There has got to be a reason for all of this. I believed it when my car was broken into just before Christmas in ‘07 – that if I had just turned around to see what those guys were up to… that it could have been so much worse. I chose to believe two things that day. One: That it’s a good thing I left my purse in the car – otherwise they may have went after me & not just my car window (and I had my 4 year old holding my hand) and Two: They must have needed the money much more than I did. They obviously have a sad life. It simply reminded me of my full life. I also believed that things happen for a reason when I was diagnosed with Epilepsy in ’06. I lost my driver’s license for 9 long months – perhaps I avoided a terrible accident! Or maybe that it was for my mom. After dad passed away in ’05 she didn’t have a lot of purpose in her life (at least she didn’t think so) She stayed with me each and every day for months on end. Kyler was only 3 years old & I was terrified that I would have seizure and he wouldn’t know what was going on – he would be so scared! And, yes, I even think that dad passed away for a reason. God forbid, if my mom had gone first, there’s a strong possibility that dad would have drank himself into his own grave.
So, maybe losing the pendant happened for a reason? Maybe I was losing my faith in mankind. Maybe I needed to find out that there is still good people out there! Maybe I needed to make a new friend  Maybe, just maybe, Peter needed the same thing.
At one point, Peter had mentioned that I was so understanding and nice to deal with. Well, you know, it’s much easier to be understanding when you’re dealing with a nice person, as well. Truthfully, I think I would have been much, much more upset if I was dealing with someone that didn’t care.
In the meantime, I received my BEAUTIFUL new pendant, which helped even more to take the sting out of losing the other one. I love it. Correction: I LOVE it. The first words out of my 5 year old son’s mouth was “Oh mom, it’s beeeeeautiful!” Not only did the pendant come with 2 chains, but also with a nice set of earrings. This was done before he knew that the pendant had gone missing. Not only is he a good person, he is generous as well.
A couple of months later I received a package in the mail from Peter. In it was a pendant that looked just like my grandmothers… Peter had made me a stunning replica! He had gone through so much trouble for little me. I put the pendant on the white gold chain that my original pendant was on, and I felt better.
And then… another email.
“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Guess what????????”
And he left me hanging there! I emailed back… “hehe! What?!”
“I found your original opal!”
YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! He found it!!!
Talk about bad timing, after he had gone through all that trouble! But he had found it nonetheless… My opal was finally coming home. Just a few more weeks to cross the world over! More patience? Sure, I got plenty! And to top it all off, I purchased a pair of earrings… that would be the cherry on top!
Seven & a half months after the pendant left Canada, it came back again. And it looked just as beautiful as ever. What an enormous weight had been lifted! And the earrings he picked out for me were just perfect. I’m wearing them now, I can’t thank Peter enough. I cost him plenty of time & money, and not once did he complain to me. He was nothing but kind. He certainly didn’t have to go through all that he did.
This little pendant has quite the story now. From Spain, where my grandmother purchased it, to Holland where she lived, to Canada where I live, to Australia, and back to Canada again… and countless other places in between. If only it could speak!
Over the course of 7 & ½ months we kept in touch & learned about each other’s lives. We even shared family pictures. It’s obvious to me that he leads a good life, filled with lots of love & surrounded with good people. I’m glad that I became a tiny part of that.
Thank you, Peter, for all that you have done for me. You have restored my grandmother’s opal to new again… and perhaps just as important, you have restored my faith in humanity!

Cindy Orsten

78 Responses

  1. Due to Covid-19 buying in person was not an option. Buying via the internet with Opals which have such color, clarity and quality range is very difficult. Having found a Pendent for our Daughter’s 30th birthday, we trusted it would be the color range we hoped for.
    Received the well packed and protected parcel and we are just so pleased with the Pendent. Even more perfect than we had hoped for!!!!!!!!!
    Peter had rung me to ensure I had all the details about using the DHL service.
    Very happy to reassure any future customers that you are using a professional, friendly and dedicated to good service company.

    1. Jennifer, its such a pleasure dealing with folks like you who show appreciation. not enough of it in this difficult world. well, now i have to keep living up to the high standard you have expressed. Keep in mind that I am always here for you if ever needed. Our international guarantee is not just words, and it doesn’t run out in a year. very best wishes to you and the family and please keep safe during this difficult time in world history,

      Peter and family

  2. really a wonderful purchase the watch and also the gift of the earring I am happy and Peter is always attentive because I had never bought in Australia hehe so I write to him several times and he was always attentive and responding kindly and now that it arrived I am happy and I will buy again I recommend the quality of the opal and the watch is very good. Thank you very much Peter opalmine

    1. translation into english: Really a wonderful purchase the relog and also the gift of the earring I am happy and Peter always pending because I had never bought in Australia hehe so I wrote him several times and he was always pending and responding kindly and now that he arrived I am happy and I will buy again I recommend the quality of the opal and the relog is very good. Thank you so much Peter opalmine

      thank you so much sandra for your kind words, peter
      muchas gracias sandra por tus amables palabras, peter

      1. Thanks so much Sandra. for some reason my response didnt come up through the reply feature online so i’m saying it again. very best wishes, peter

  3. I bought a ring a few months ago, the ring was beautiful !, but after a few months the stone fell unfortunately, so I contacted Peter for a solution. He directly asked me to send the ring in order to put back an even more beautiful stone than the previous one. ! I was pleasantly surprised by Peter's professionalism as well as his customer contact which is more than perfect, are hardworking and fabulous and very serious ! I can only recommend Peter's services ! Finally he gives small opal pendants as gifts which is really nice when you are a fan of opal ! You are the best in the field of opal peter ! If I had to rate you I would rate you : 20/10 ! Haha :). Jarod.C

    1. Jarod, thanks so much for taking the trouble to make these comments. It certainly helps folks to buy with confidence. here is the translation from French:
      I bought a ring a few months ago, the ring was beautiful!, But after a few months, the stone and unfortunately fell, so I contact Peter to have a solution. He directly asked me to send the ring in order to put back a stone even more beautiful than the old one! I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of Peter as well as his customer contact which is more than perfect, his work and fabulous and very serious! I can only recommend Peter’s service! Finally, he gives a small opal pendant as gifts which is really nice when you are a fan of opal! You’re the best in peter opal! If I have to rate you I would give the rating of: 20/10! Ahah :). Jarod.C

  4. A great big 5 star rating for Peter and family! I ordered earrings and a bracelet for a christmas present and left it a little short on time considering it had to be sent to germany. well peter was fantastic in his MANNER of APPROACh, help and posting the items which arrived just in time to make it a great present for the recipient. it was a joy to see the sparkling eyes on her face. thanks again peter for all you did,not to mention the extra lovely little gift you sent with it. I have no hesitation in RECOMMENDING you and opal mines to my friends and will most certainly be doing more BUSINESS with you in future. i am very grateful and thankful for the time and trouble you took to ensure everything was perfect. klaus knopf Germany

    1. Klaus, thanks so much for your very encouraging words. It is much appreciated. Keep in mind that our jewelry and opal has a perpetual guarantee so don’t hesitate to contact me if you ever need support. Very best wishes for the new year. Peter

    2. Klaus not sure if I replied to your wonderful reference so I thought I would send you another message. thanks so much for your kind words. It helps so much. I hope all is well with you and your family in Germany. My wife Renate comes from Gutersloh, Westfalen. many years ago we traveled to your beautiful country. One day we hope to return. peter

  5. We are still working on the problem but peter has been extremely prompt and helpful in trying to resolve my issues. 5 stars.

  6. Jag vill ge ER alla stjärnor i världen , ni har varit till fantastisk hjälp med alla frågor angående min opal. Jag kan verkligen rekommendera er för alla jag känner, kommer jag till Australien så kommer jag även personligen till er och tackar. Med vänlig hälsning Charlotte
    translation from Swedish:
    I want to give you all the stars in the world, you’ve been to great help with all my questions about my opal. I can really recommend you to everyone I know, I come to Australia so I personally come to you too and thank you. Sincerely Charlotte

  7. Dear Peter, I have just received my order of 2 Tie Pins and Pendant. Wanted to let you know that all the pieces are absolutely stunning. Thank you for the great service you provided and the extra gift. Will definitely be using Opal Mine in the future. Warm Regards Cheryl

  8. My latest purchase from Opalmine is a truly lovely, one-of-a kind boulder opal bracelet. Not content just to send me a fabulous bracelet at a great price, Peter insisted on including a beautiful opal pendant as a “thank you” for my business.

    I have been dealing with Peter at Opalmine for many years, and have never met anyone more dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. Nor anyone more generous and willing to help in any way possible. For anything having to do with Australian opals, Opalmine is the only word to remember.

  9. Peter, i couldn’t have been more pleased with the opal ring I purchased for my wife. It was more beautiful than the photo. Also, your special gift was great too. It was a pleasure doing business with such a nice person. Thanks again

  10. Peter. I just got home and there was your parcel. I was speechless !. I’m still in shock. Opals are wonderful! and you are a great person of those rare people who will restore confidence in humans. not how to express my great gratitude. I hope your life is warm and friendly and grow your immense generosity toward you. opal is a magical and mysterious. its colors are like dreams I paint CHAGAL and its lights as the lights of the Mediterranean sea. your heart is big and hope you get as much love as das. Thanks Peter

  11. I bought an unset black opal. Ultimately I was happy with it but, initially, I had some trepidation. Peter was patient, considerate, generous, and, above all, helpful, in helping me resolve the issue to my satisfaction. He is a gentleman with whom doing business is a pleasurable and safe experience.

  12. Hallo Peter,
    Today we recieved the opal set 9005. We were very pleased and exited with it! Thank you very much for your service and the lovely present you included. It was much appreciated!
    Best whises for 2015 and when we visit Australia, we will come to the shop.
    Adrian van Willigen,
    The Netherlands.

    1. Adrian, thanks a lot for your encouraging comments about the opal set. would you do us a favor and follow us on a new page we have set up for location and star rating. i will email you with the details. thanks again. peter

  13. Peter thanks for the ring!!! It is beautiful and my wife is going to love it! (she can’t have it yet cause it is not her birthday for another week) Prompt service and excellent customer service. I will definitely do business with again. Cory

    1. opal ring from opalmine Cory thanks so much for your encouraging comments. much appreciated and keep in mind that our international guarantee does not run out in a year. best wishes, peter

  14. Hi peter its jennifer. Thank you so much for the watch it is really a piece of art! Also for the extra pendants that was a blessing. My mom loved the watch. It made her day! I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks jennifer from Texas USA

  15. Peter,
    I received the opal ring from you today. It’s beautiful and fits perfectly! I really love it! Also, thanks so much for the gift of the lovely necklace…what a wonderful surprise! And such fast service!

  16. I ordered a pendant with, I must say, a little trepidation as you never can tell what you will end up receiving. It arrived today and I have to say how delighted I am with the item and the service, and what a surprise to receive a bonus gift. It is perfect and will make the perfect gift for a very special person. Peter, I want to thank you for such a wonderful item and great service.

    Thank you so very much,
    Graeme H

    1. Regarding opal pendant order Thanks so much Graeme for your kind words. Its a pleasure to serve you and just keep in mind that whatever you get from opalmine is guaranteed, not just for a year. Very best wishes for your special occasion. Peter

  17. wow!! thanks Wendy. i really appreciate your recommendation. It means so much to myself and any visitors that come across it. so happy that things worked out well. just keep in mind our international guarantee that doesn’t run out in a year. very best wishes to all, Peter

  18. I just received an incredible opal ring in the mail that I have been anticipating for the past few months, and I have to say it looks incredible. The stone was hand polished to perfection by Peter himself, and he did a masterful job of bringing out the best qualities of the stone.
    I had the pleasure of knowing Peter and his family personally, he actually went out of his way to help me hand pick the stone that’s now set in my ring,giving me tips and finding me the best stone possible. For anyone looking to buy genuine Australian Opal from a genuine Australian Opal dealer, look no further than Peter at Opalmine. His in depth knowledge and experience with Australia’s national gemstone, coupled with reliable honesty, professionalism and old fashioned care for the beauty of Opal, will give you the best Australian Opal experience you can find. I cannot give Peter enough credit and recommendation as, in my opinion, the best Opal provider out there.

    Thank you very much Peter and I hope we’ll meet again soon, best of luck with everything.
    Jesse V.

    1. re Jesse’s boulder opal bought at Lightning Ridge. Thanks for the nice plug Jesse. it was great to get to know you and Matt. Didn’t know young Canadian blokes were as polite as you two. But like you say, as in Australia, not everyone is. but it sure was refreshing. Very best wishes to all, and keep in mind that the workmanship guarantee doesn’t end in a year, even if you lose the papers. Peter

  19. Jeremy, i dont know that i deserve such a wonderful recommendation but it is certainly appreciated. Its weird right? people are always trying to think of ways of getting something out of you instead of thinking what can be done to help someone. if we all did it the latter way, the world would be a much happier place. i have been the recipient of kindness many times so i just try to pass it on. thanks again Jeremy.Peter

  20. The internet is filled with garbage. Sites looking for quick sales, misinformation and automation. It’s simply amazing when one finds themselves upon a website that breathes life and hope back into this complex and messy web.

    Peter has shown his dedication to the Opal trade through a long lost method that involves both customer service and a passion. Doing a free service (opinions on Opals) is one thing but doing it quickly and efficiently is another.

    I didn’t purchase an Opal from Peter but you could be rest assured that I would have if I found his website earlier. Even though my Opal wasn’t purchased through this website, Peter took the time to put my mind at ease.

    Please keep the good work up. Your website is a rare find.

    Thanks again!

  21. I really want to thank Peter for every advice he gave to me. It’s a pleasure to deal with, he respond very quickly to every question, he’s sincere and profesional, a man how loves his job and do it well. If you’re lookig for an opal jewel, don’t look further, you’re on the good website!

    1. Hi Julien. thanks for the kind words. hope i can live up to them. thanks also for doing business with us. If you ever need me i am here. not just for a year. hey that rhymes!. peter

  22. No problems Valerie. Our policy is to care for the folks who bother to come to our website rather than waste money on advertising. Hope you got the email explaining that the opal is a real one. very best wishes from Australia, and thanks for posting this message. peter

  23. Hi Peter,you mentioned about the demize of opal at lighting ridge,wondered what you where refering to ie not so much opal being found or somthing else Regards Helen

    1. Helen, yes, Lightning Ridge Opal is on the way out at least at present. Of course like most mining towns, the economy comes and goes depending on international influences and of course the fact that opal in this case is not an easy stone to find. Since the demise of the Japanese economy (Japan during the 90’s was our best customer) there have not been the buyers and when money is not readily available, less prospecting is done. Also the government has placed a lot of added restrictions which is making it too costly for the small operations that have always been the center of opal mining. .. Peter

    2. Helen, i think i answered your question by email regarding opal at lightning ridge. anyway, let me know here if not. peter

  24. I bought an unset stone for my wife for Christmas this year to have set by our local jeweler, and she LOVED it! The stone is great, and most of all Peter was a real pleasure to deal with. He was kind, patient, and very knowledgable. If you need an opal… look no further!

    1. Thanks Andrew for your nice comments about the opal transaction. Pleased to know that your local guy did a good job. Also fantastic to know that your girl loved the gift. Keep in mind our ongoing guarantees that dont end in one year. very best wishes to you and your family. Peter

  25. Dear Peter,

    Just wanted to let you know I have received the beautiful earrings I ordered as a Christmas present. The picture of them on the website did not do them justice. They came so quick it was like they were sent from within the contiguous 48 states. So fast and 10 days to spare for Christmas. Packaging was great. I worried about them being damaged in transit. They were safe and secure. I am told that you must receive opals as a gift, never buy them for yourself. Who can I get to buy me the ring I picked out? hahaha
    Thank you, Peter, for all of the personal attention you gave me. Made me feel very important.



    1. Julie, thanks for your encouraging summary. Its really important that folks know that we do our best this end to dispatch promptly. We have found the Postal system very efficient and packaging is so important. Hope you find the right person to get you the ring. Best wishes for the coming year.

  26. Very quick post to uk, very good comms will use this company again I feel I can trust them to deliver gifts on time and offer a good service
    to there customers good luck for 2014

    1. Regarding the opals. Thanks for the nice comments Niel. Great to deal with such folks. Be sure our work is guaranteed not just for a year whether you lose the receipt or not. very best wishes to you and the family, peter

  27. Peter, I want to thank you for your assistance in selecting a ring for my husband. His 70th birthday was 11/30, he wanted a fire opal ring, one with red highlights. I found one on your website but unfortunately the size was not right & could not be sized to fit. You suggested 2 other opals, both were boulder opals. At first he was dissappointed that his original selection wasn’t available, but after looking at the 2 opals that you suggested it was an easy choice. I was delighted when I received the ring just in time for his birthday. I was even more delighted when I saw not 1 but 2 additional pieces in the box. The necklaces are beautiful, I couldn’t have made a better selection. Rest assured that you will be my first choice for opal jewelry in the future and I’ll be referring all of my friends to you also. Consider me a devoted customer for life, Claudia N.

    1. Claudia, you were to quick for me. I didnt realise you had already made these nice comments. Glad you liked the extras and keep in mind our international opal guarantee. Please pass on my best wishes to your man and tell him to get out there, flash that ring around and advertise the opalmine.. haaaa…. thanks Claudia , peter

  28. Hi Peter,
    I wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful opal sets that you sent. They were absolutely stunning and will be gorgeous gifts for my family overseas. What a special memento of Australia they will have with your spectacular opals! Your customer service is exemplary and I will be telling all my friends about your business. Thank you again!

    1. Susanne, a delight to do business with such an appreciative person. just remember we dont forget you when the deal is finished. even if you lose your receipt, an email to me will give you the best attention possible and it doesnt finish in one year. Our policy is to care for our customers like family. very best wishes on your trip. Peter

  29. Hello Peter! I have received the watch this afternoon. It is wonderful! You have done a good job and the opal is magic. Thanks also for the gifts: they are very nice; I have given them to my wife and my daughter. when I will decide to buy something else I will contact you. A lot of thanks and best regards to all your family. Franco – Cairo M.tte (SV) – Italy

    1. Thanks for your kind words Franco. One day i will get back to Italy. Renate comes from Germany and we visited Venice over 30 years ago. since then Renate and Cindy my daughter drove to many places in Rome. What amazing history you have over there which most folks probably take for granted. Australian modern history is only a couple of hundred years old but of course the aboriginals go back thousands of years. Keep in touch and remember our international guarantee should you ever need to use it. Peter

  30. Thanks for my beautiful brooch. And lovely service. I will treasure my brooch and look forward to receiving my beautiful jewellery for you.

    1. Thank you for letting us know that everything worked out well Lydia. Appreciate very much your support. dont hesitate to contact us if you should need help with anything you get from opalmine. very best wishes to you and your family, Peter

  31. Hello peter,
    Opal arrived in time for the birthday of my girlfriend and is really beautiful. She was delighted with this gift.
    I also want to thank you for your gift.
    Your service is very impeccable.
    Best regards.
    Giuliano – FRANCE

    1. Thanks for letting me know Giuliano and i do appreciate you leaving these encouraging words on this site. I really helps folks to know how we care for our customers. Keep in mind that you can contact me anytime by email if you need help with anything you get from us and that doesn’t stop in one year. Very best wishes to you and your family, Peter

  32. Peter

    Thank you so much for my beautiful watch. My husband had left it very late this year to purchase my birthday present and, as I had been looking for an Opal Watch for a while, I decided to order from you but did not expect it to arrive in UK before my birthday on the 9th July. It was an unexpected and very pleasant surprise.

    The surprise present also was gratefully received as I am a great fan of Opals and the necklace looks just beautiful.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to my order

    Mary Johnston

    1. Mary it has been great to serve you and to hear your expressions of thanks. Well, keep in mind that we are here for you at all times if ever something goes wrong. Our international guarantee does not finish in just one year. Very best wishes to you and your family from us here in Australia.

  33. A little bit of background of my wonderful encounter with Peter for anyone that may be thinking of purchasing opals. I have recently come across some loose opals from a deceased estate. I had no idea what to do with these opals, or if they were of any value, and went to a couple of jewelers in the area to ask for any assistance they may be able to give me, with no success and even less enthusiasm on their part to offer any suggestions. I remembered that quite a few years ago, I purchased an opal ring from The Opal Mine in Tweed Heads and after many years it is still as beautiful as it was when I purchased it. The shop had since ceased trading and so I “googled” and thankfully found Peter from The Opal Miners Hut. I phoned Peter and asked him if he could assist me to know if these opals were good quality and I was invited to go to his office and he would have a look at them for me. Peter was amazingly helpful, he spent over an hour with my husband and myself explaining the differences in opals and letting me know which of these opals were of good quality. He gave me some suggestions as to the best way to market these opals and took the time to photograph them for me. I have been blown away with how helpful and kind he has been, did not ask for any payment for his time and efforts. In this day and age, unfortunately good old “customer service” has become a thing of the past, Peter has restored my faith that there are wonderful people out there. I think I have also become more aware that dealing with small business is the way to go, so many large shops these days are massive, they are only after the money, but dealing with this business it is abundantly clear that small business such as this provides customers with more than just a product, Peter has made me feel valued as a person other than just what profits he could make from our encounter. I would sincerely recommend Peter to anyone who is considering purchasing from him, I can not express enough in words how fortunate I feel having met him. I will be singing his praises to anyone who will listen. I have been looking at his website and have earmarked a few beautiful pieces that are leaping out at me and saying “pick me”. As I have been investigating opals for a while now I can say that Peter’s prices are fabulous, his workmanship is flawless and throw in that he is such a nice person, can’t ask for more than that. So in short, THANK YOU PETER.

    1. Hey Sue, surely i’m not that good! You better have a talk to Renate sometime. She will give you the other side of it. haaaa…. well its much appreciated what you have said but really as a someone said, “kindness is something you cannot give away…it always comes back!” I reckon if we all looked after one another a bit better on this planet we wouldn’t have the pathetic world we live in today. but of course there are still some wonderful folks out there and we have to look after them as best we can… let me know how you go with the opals. Pleased to help further if i can. Peter

  34. Peter: First of all your web site is the best when shopping for opals. It takes alot of hard work to develop a great web site. Second, you treat the customer right. I know in our business the customer comes first and you certainly show it when dealing with customers. The opal we received is beautiful and the picture of it was true to form. My wife loves it and the delivery to the States was rapid. There is no question that you are # 1 on our list. Many thanks for all your great service. Sincerely, Bob Biggs

    1. Thanks Robert for you kind words. Really appreciate it. Just keep in mind that we are here for you if ever you need help in what you get from us. and that doesn’t end in a miserable 12 months. Thanks again, Peter

  35. Thanks very much for all your help Peter, can’t recommend Peter enough so helpful and always a pleasure to deal with.

    1. Thanks for your comments Josie. Pleased to help if i can. Hope you can find a market for that jewelry and if anyone is reading this please email me in case you want to look at some pics of Josie’s jewelry, (jewellery in Australian)

  36. Russia, Perm city. I recently received a parcel, very satisfied + present. I ordered Boulder Opal, for the ring. I plan to make another purchase in the future. Great service, excellent technical support. Now about the problems we had to face:
    1. From the moment of purchase to receipt it took 45 days. Russian Post is terrible, for 5-7 days the parcel from Australia arrived in Moscow, and only then from Moscow the parcels slowly disperse throughout Russia. Very uncomfortable. I had to worry. Track code for my parcel – RQ040654845AU
    2. Parcel without tracking code – free, if with a tracking code then for 60$. I chose trackless parcel, because. the pebble was inexpensive, for 350$. And I didn’t regret it. If you are from Russia, get ready to be patient and wait 2 months. This is fine. When I already had the parcel, Peter Brusaschi told me the tracking code of the parcel and a photo of the parcel.
    3. Despite the fact that Peter Brusaschi constantly supported me, Of course there was a language barrier. I know English bad. Partner Petera Brusaschi in Russia – I advise you to contact Vladimir Vladimirovich for advice, call him, you will not regret)

    Conclusion – the most reliable store I've ever come across on the Internet. I'm already planning to make another purchase.

    1. Andrey, for some reason i missed your comments on the blog. thanks so much for the interesting delivery report and your kind words about our service. we will always try to live up to that. and keep in mind that your jewelry is guaranteed, not just for a year. you can contact me anytime for help. very best wishes. Yes, Vladimir my friend in Moscow is a very honest wonderful person. he visited us here in Australia last year and is coming again soon. very best wishes, Peter

      Андрей, по некоторым причинам я пропустил ваши комментарии на блоге. Большое спасибо за интересный доклад доставки и ваши добрые слова о нашей службе. мы всегда будем стараться жить в соответствии с этим. и имейте в виду, что ваши ювелирные изделия гарантируется, а не только в течение года. Вы можете связаться со мной в любое время за помощью. наилучшие пожелания. Да, мой друг Владимир в Москве очень честный замечательный человек. он посетил нас здесь, в Австралии в прошлом году и снова придет в ближайшее время. наилучшими пожеланиями, Петр

  37. Today, I have received the pair of black opal earrings that I ordered and they are great. They are just what I was looking for and I have been pleased to find that the image that I looked at when I chose them from the website was true to the actual appearance of the earrings. It was good to be able to find the balck opal jewellery that I was looking for after failing to spot anything suitable in the UK.

    Thank you for the good service and for the extras that came with the earrings.

    Francis H
    Pontefract, England

    1. Francis, thanks so much for letting us know. i was worried because Paypal cancelled the payment. I tried to email you a few times but for some reason the mail didn’t get through. I ended up calling your school and leaving a message so i guess you will hear about that tomorrow. anyway, no problems. All’s well that ends well. Just make sure things are ok with Paypal. I noted your huge responsibility at the school. I think it was physics.. Now that is a subject i would have loved to learn, among other things. just not enough time in one lifetime. Heaps of well wishes to you and yours and keep in mind our international guarantee that does not end in one year. Peter

  38. I found Peter to be very helpful, and I am very satisfied with my purchase, I know where to come with my next order, and the workmanship is first class.

    Thanks again

  39. Just wanted to say a big thank you to Peter for his advice. I was considering buying a 1920s opal ring at auction and asked Peter how big an issue the crazing was, and thanks to him I was saved from buying a worthless stone! Much appreciated. 🙂

    1. No problems Catherine. Just get in touch if you see something else you like. Pleased to give me opinion. I dont have much education but i do know opals. Best wishes, Peter

  40. Hi Peter, I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure doing business with you. We’ve received the opal package and my son’s eyes just lit up opening each item… and thank you for the free necklace, it is beautiful! I will always think about you when I wear it.. how kind you have been attempting to make my sons dream come true. He is now interested in getting some sort of polishing machine! I can’t wait to show him your video’s! Thanks again and I wish you all the success in the world. We need more businessmen like you in the world. I’ve posted about you on my facebook pages too! It’s been a real pleasure!

    1. Thanks for your nice comments Cindy. It helps folks to see what opalmine stands for. thanks also for promoting us in facebook, i’m not good at that. i think i also mentioned which is an excellent way to share pictures and of course folks often click on opalmine when they see the pics. you can make your own pinterest boards too. very handy for recording your pics and sharing them. peter

      1. Dear Peter,

        Today I received your package to find you have enclosed the lovely necklace I ordered plus matching earrings and another necklace as a gesture of goodwill. You are extremely generous and fair and I am very grateful and will tell friends of your beautiful jewellery. I sincerely hope the opals I returned to you have arrived. Thank you again.


        1. Barbara, you have no idea how much your comments help us on this site. Here in Australia, we are a long way from the rest of the world and sometimes its a leap of faith ordering from so far away but folks can be confident as you have reminded us that we look after you each step of the way and nowadays the world is like a big oyster. And buying online is much more personalized and convenient. just a quick email will sort out all the problems because as you know, we dont put people on a waiting list to get back to them. Dont forget your international guarantee. And it doesnt run out in just a year. thanks again Barbara, Peter

    2. Hello Peter,
      My order has arrived!! I can’t wait to get started, even on my practice stuff. Some of it is soooo Beautiful!. I do see some of the cracks and do understand why it is practice material. But there is one flat piece with a ton of red flash I am hoping to coax into being lovely (there are some other pieces that look like they have hidden beauty also). I will start with the plain milky white pieces to get a feel for the process first. The stones I purchased are amazing and just glow green fire, I can’t wait to see how much more they will glow after being polished and put into my earrings.

      I was watching the video And reading the book and I have a question that hasn’t been answered well by either. What type of epoxy should I use for the dob sticks? I don’t want the wrong kind, that might ruin a stone or not hold it properly.

      Thank You so much for all your help and advice, I am excited to get started!

      Again Thank – you so much Peter!,
      I will definitely be ordering again.

      1. In the U.S., I believe we call the kind of glue you are talking about , Elmer’s Wood Glue. It is very strong, white, dissolves in water and dries clear overnight. I will be in touch.

        Take care Peter.

        Christine M. Estes

        1. Christine, that sounds like the right brew. experiment with it. Just a tip. its a good idea to leave the glue on its side if you dont use it for a while so that the thick glue doesnt sink to the bottom. its good to have it quite thick to balance on top of the dop sticks. Peter Brusaschi. (

      2. thanks for your kind words Christine. Much appreciated and its good because folks can feel confident when ordering something from the other side of the planet. I hope you make heaps of money on the opal. let me know if you need some help. very best wishes, Peter Brusaschi. (

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