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Lightning Ridge Black opal $5000 p/c

This article is written as a general guide for pricing opals from

Opal Stone Price around the world can vary from just a few dollars to many thousands of dollars. In this article, we will first give you an idea of how the price structure of opal works.

Keep in mind that this summary is not meant to be a specifically accurate valuation but only a broad understanding of how the three major types of opal are viewed by miners, cutters, and dealers and jewelry shops in regards to prices

Lightning Ridge Black opal $5000 p/c

Unlike many other valuable items, opals stone prices around the world are not established by agreement between cartel members but rather, what is being actually achieved by dealers and merchants. A little bit like an auction system without an auction.

A cartel is a group of individuals or companies who come together to agree on a consistent price for a commodity.
This means that no matter where you are, prices are pretty well consistent unless items find there way into alternate or black markets.

Opal stone price around the world is based on supply and demand.

When the supply is short, the price goes up. If a new field is found, the price can go down.

Having said that, there is an understanding among dealers about the value of certain stones and there is a committee at Lightning Ridge who endeavors to set a price.

This has only been moderately successful because merchants and miners deal directly with one another and form an understanding of prices.


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