Opal Gifts – Jewelry for your loved ones.

Opal gifts are sometimes discounted stock from end of run goods to allow for new productions. Specially priced opals of all varieties both unset & set in silver and gold.

Some of these items are mosaic opals constructed from leftover stones from larger jewelry. It is very time consuming but creating mosaics offers an amazing section of colors from just about every variation of opal in existence.

Mosaic Opal Gift Ideas

Purchasing opal jewelry in pendant form as a mosaic means you get the best of both worlds. Brilliant flashes of colors and patterns that burst into existence from any angle at a price perhaps half or more than their more expensive cousins.

Buying Bulk Opal Pendants Direct

If your gift-giving budget (for example) is really stretched, you might want to consider buying a bunch of little opal pendants in a parcel and package them yourself to give to friends to keep the price down.

If you want to do this it will be best to contact Peter directly by going to the live chat (offline leave a message) bottom right-hand side on the front page of the opalmine site by clicking here Be sure to leave your email address if we are offline when you attempt to contact. We have some great ideas for genuine opal gifts at bargain prices.