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Opalmine International Perpetual Guarantee – 40 years service to the opal industry

Opal jewelry customers at the old Miners Hut

Visitors from Europe

Opal Jewelry shop with visitors from Germany

See thousands of Opal jewelry pieces, Stunning and genuine Australian opal stones. International perpetual guarantee. 40 years experience in opal.

Visitors from Europe to the old Opal miner’s Hut and Jewelry store at the southern end of the Gold Coast, Australia. Take a look at some of the 8000 signatures in our visitors book (below) And some recent comments from hundreds since we have been online Here

opal jewelry comments from happy opal customers

Visitors book with 8000 signatures

Opal jewelry Miner’s Hut Visitors Book – 8000 visitors signatures

The store was set up as an outpost to the opal mines in Lightning Ridge. A place for miners, cutters, and dealers to meet, exchange news, to buy and sell opal.

 Opal Jewelry from Australia on display

‘Opal Cave’ at the Miner’s Hut

Black Opal from Lightning Ridge, Australia

Jewelry store- at the old Opal Miners Hut Australia

Opal Jewelry Shop showing outback scene of Boulder Opal fields. Australia

Opal has often been described as ‘the world’s most colorful gemstone’ This website brings to you, displays of opal stones jewelry second to none in the world. There is nothing more exciting than walking into a store with lots of bright colorful trinkets in many varieties. This experience can be had online right here at opalmine. The shop was based on similar underground black, white (crystal) and boulder opal displays at Lightning Ridge, Coober Pedy, and Queensland outback opal fields of Australia.

The store was totally unique, featuring an opal cave with chunks of rough boulder and other types of opal protruding from the wall. This was contrasted with luxurious showcases filled with all varieties of fascinating opals both unset and assembled into pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings along with a variety of jewelry for guys. Opal cuff links, Tie tacks, Tie bars, Bolas and belt buckles.

Opal Jewelry Store has been online now since 1996

For the past 20 years or so, this opal shop has been available online for the world to see. The wonders of modern technology is giving the public a ‘bird’s eye view’ of opal. Here at opalmine.com, you can analyse each stone.

For your convenience so that you can imagine the size of each item, we have often included a picture of a well known currency item such as the United States dime. Keep in mind that a dime is similar in size to an Australian 5c, a UK 5 pence, a Euro 10 c, Russian Kopek, Chinese Yi Jiao The Iranian 5 Rial is much larger (23.5 mm)

Opal colors and patterns are many and varied. At opalmine.com you will be able to take a good look at them in all their varieties from mine run rough opal, rough rubbed opal, cut and polished gems, along with opal settings such as pendant, rings, earrings, bracelets, earrings, cuff links, tie tacks and many more. Feel free to ask questions or add your comments to the blog at the bottom of each page.

Opal Jewelry store works of art

Old artifacts from the opal mines were also on display along with original works of art taken from the outback of New South Wales and Queensland, Australia. A lot of these old pictures are shown online at this site.

To see opal properly it must either have incandescent or natural sunlight and in the days when this shop was in operation we didn’t have modern 12 v systems so it got pretty hot at times with about five spotlights blasting down on the showcases. However, with all that light it was an impressive sight.

Opal Jewelry Store Gifts

opal jewelry is spelt opal jewellery to visitors from England

‘welcome wall’ at the Miner’s Hut

Opal jewelry shop at the Miner’s Hut – side wall

Do you have an anniversary coming up? Or are you just looking for something different to give someone? You are sure to find something to suit everyone here.

Whether the person you are thinking of likes more traditional styles of opal jewelry, or prefers something a bit more progressive such as boulder opal picture or abstract opals, we are sure you will find something here.

And Keep in mind our International Perpetual Guarantee that comes with free shipping anywhere in the world.

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Opal Jewelry and sheepskin products on display at the Miners Hut

The family in front of the old store

The old opal jewelry store as it was back in the 70’s. A family owned business who combined Australian leather products with Australian opal stones and opal jewelry. (‘jewellery‘ as it is spelt in Australia, New Zealand, and England).

This family was one of the first in the world to create the sheepskin boot, later given the name ‘ugg boot’ now owned by an American firm