Opal rings-cost advice

Opal rings-cost advice

Opal rings-cost advice-First consideration It’s pretty obvious that you have to think about an approximate budget before committing to buy. It’s possible to buy opal rings from under $50 if you look for low grade or synthetic lab opals (‘lab’ is short for ‘laboratory’ which means that they are man-made) Can you afford $100, $500, $1000, more or less. Then it’s easier to focus on the opal rings that you can afford. getting good Opal rings-cost advice is important

What would you expect to pay for a nice opal that suits your pocket?

I remember the time not too long ago when you could buy a troy oz of gold for under $50. But those days are in the past and currently, gold is selling for over $1200 per troy oz and threatening to go much higher.

So if you are looking for a cost of no more than perhaps $500, it would be best to focus on silver rather than gold metal. There are some lightweight gold rings for sale under that amount. This ring has a lot more metal but its silver gold plated.

Opal rings-cost advice
Boulder opal matrix ring in silver

Keep in mind the quality of the opal, not just the cost

Opal rings get a lot more rough treatment than pendants, brooches or bracelets because of the constant movement of the hands. Along with this, many wearers are not very kind with their jewelry and will leave rings on their fingers when working on the car, gardening, or doing the wash-up.

So if you are one of those types (as I am) its better to go for a solid opal rather than a doublet or a triplet which are fine as pendants and earrings, etc, but not recommended for rough work.

When arriving at the cost, double check the freight cost which might be nearly as much as the ring itself. Opal rings-cost advice helps you make the right decision.

In fact when considering this charge, look for a website that includes the cost of freight in the price so you know where you stand at a glance. Here is an example of an online shop which does that very thing.

The only exception to this is if you have a very short deadline to keep for a gift, in which case often a special courier has to be called and this cost can add up to $100 or so.

This can be quite difficult because some folks have fingers that get swollen knuckles and yet the area on

Finally, keep this important aspect in mind. You will be sorry if you forget it

Don’t just take a look at the design of the ring itself but check the FINGER SIZE. You will need to find out finger size of the person the ring is going to, whether it’s yourself, a wife, a husband, or a friend. Take a close look at the item online and check the finger size. In the USA the sizes are in figures.

For example, 7, 8, or 9 etc. In the UK its letters. (M, N, O etc) In Europe, it’s different again. For a full explanation of all these sizes, along with suggestions of how to find your size using the inside diameter of the ring.

John, one of the thousands of online opal ring buyers reported here

I have purchased a couple of products and am hugely satisfied with them, I think they are wonderful. They are gifts for my wife and I am sure she will be just as delighted as I am. The service was superb and I cannot find even the smallest criticism of the whole operation. Many thanks, John Allison


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