Opal Rings in Australia

Opal rings in Australia Opal Rings in Australia, the most reliable source of opal: Details would not be complete without a brief review of the opal fields. Since the mid 19th century when opal was first found in Australia in Queensland and later in NSW at White Cliffs, then Coober Pedy and Andamooka. White Cliffs was […]

Opal rings-cost advice

Opal rings-cost advice Opal rings-cost advice-First consideration It’s pretty obvious that you have to think about an approximate budget before committing to buy. It’s possible to buy opal rings from under $50 if you look for low grade or synthetic lab opals (‘lab’ is short for ‘laboratory’ which means that they are man-made) Can you afford […]

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary gift ideas Anniversary Gift Ideas: There’s something about giving something to someone that does something special to us, humans. As the ancient scriptures said, to quote: “there is more happiness in giving, than there is in receiving” and that truism has remained unchallenged for over 2000 years.Well, of course, as with every wise saying, […]

opal crystal pendants

The Opal crystal pendants Opal crystal pendants are part of one ‘family’ of opal crystal pendants noted in the following database codes: 4188, 4344, 4312, 4318 A detailed summary of a unique solid crystal opal from the Lightning Ridge fields in outback Australia set in precious 14 karat yellow gold. The pendant has been set in […]

Genuine Opal Rings For Sale

Genuine Opal rings for sale Genuine Opal Rings For Sale: The reason why we have to use the word ‘genuine’ in front of ‘opal rings’ is that there are so many tricky sites selling what looks like the real thing but are in fact stones manufactured in a laboratory. This site is dedicated to only […]

Australian Opal Jewellery

Australian opal jewellery Australian opal jewellery is world famous for the following reasons. Well, we are not saying that in some way it’s somehow different or more creative than jewellery from any other country. But what we ARE saying is when jewellers feature that amazing gemstone OPAL in their designs, something really special starts to happen. […]

Pictures of Unset Opals

Pictures of unset opals When you see the variety of pictures of unset opals, it makes you wonder what else will be found in the ground to add to the fascinating world of gemstones. The term ‘opal’ is pretty generic nowadays. Once it used to apply mainly to that marvelous gem that changes color right before your […]

Fire Opal Jewelry

Fire Opal Jewelry Note: Fire Opal jewelry is also spelled fire opal jewellery in Britain and a lot of British colonies, so we will use both spellings here It’s an understatement to say that opal is a beautiful stone. A marvel of nature! The term “fire” implies colors that can be seen when you light a fire. […]

Opal Fields of Australia

Opal Fields of Australia The opal fields of Australia are one of the last remaining frontiers in the world, a place where you can be completely alone, apart from Kangaroos, emus and the occasional lizard or snake. The yellow-orange colors of the Australian Outback roads, particularly in Western Queensland, are typical of places where opal is found in the […]