opal crystal pendants

The Opal crystal pendants

opal crystal pendants
Sold opal Rose carving

Opal crystal pendants are part of one ‘family’ of opal crystal pendants noted in the following database codes: 4188, 4344, 4312, 4318

A detailed summary of a unique solid crystal opal from the Lightning Ridge fields in outback Australia set in precious 14 karat yellow gold. The pendant has been set in what is termed a ‘bezel’ This term is jeweler speak so for the benefit of all we offer this definition:

In jewelry (jewellery) a grooved ring or part holding a gem or watch face This means that the center stone, in this case, an Australian opal, Is held in place by a rim of gold that is rolled slightly over the stone and held securely in place. The alternative to this is to use claws or prongs of gold to do the same thing.

The number of claws can be left to the jewelry designers discretion. It can be just four, or it could have many claws surrounding the gem.

opal crystal pendants
crystal opal drop set in gold

These opal crystal pendants are classic examples of a cross between a dark opal and a crystal. Other pages on this site will give you the definitions of these terms but briefly, a dark or black opal is a natural solid stone that has been found with dark or black potch (unformed opal) to the rear of the stone, thus giving it a darker and more opaque starker appearance.

A crystal opal is not opaque. That is, the color is not just surface but can be seen down into the gem because the light is able to penetrate and make it more translucent.

On rare occasions, you will find an opal that has both these qualities, and this is the case with the stone in opal pendant 4188. Both sides of the stone are darker and the middle tends to be more crystal and lighter.

What is appealing about opal crystal pendants

The appealing part about opals like this is that they are easily identified as natural, non-synthetic gems. Nowadays there are so many ways used by smart dealers to create gems in laboratories that look for the world like natural stones but are in fact made of variations of plastics and other components.

Not that these laboratory stones don’t look nice. They really do. Just like cubic zirconia or other synthetic diamonds. It’s difficult to tell the difference and if your budget demands a very low price, that, of course, is the way to go.

However, if you can afford to own the real thing, it’s nice to be able to do that, and stones such as the one in question, as aforesaid, are quickly seen to be natural.

Opal crystal pendant 4188 has a classic swirl design. The brilliantly polished 14 karat yellow gold is carefully shaped into very appealing swirls right from the bale at the top to the cute extension at the bottom. And to add to this wonderful design, we note that approximately 20 tiny diamonds have been let into the swirls to add sparkle to this already appealing design.

Australian Opals even unset stand out from all other gems in the world because of their very appealing change of color. But encased in precious gold and diamonds as this one is, make them stand out even more. We hope you enjoyed our description of these delightful pendants.



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