Black Opal Rings Video

black-opal-rings-video-green on black opal in gold
green on black opal in gold

Hi, and welcome to Black Opal Rings Video blog post!

I created this wonderful little video for you today as I believe that it really displays this product in all its glory.

We’ve put some music in the background but if you prefer to watch it in silence, please turn off your speakers.

So, sit back and enjoy!


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Black opal Rings video information

Black opals are not black as you will discover if you take a good look at all the opal rings in the shop on this site. Black opals were discovered at Lightning Ridge about a hundred years ago and it was soon discovered that by making sure the color that was seen in lumps of black material called potch, was ground away so that it was to the top of the stone thus letting the colorless potch remain in the background, an effect was created that more or less established the foundation of a completely new gem. Black opal.

The foreground of the stone of course is not black but rather can be any color of the rainbow including greens, blues, yellows, oranges, reds, purples and more. Some opals feature just one of these colors while others can be combinations of all of them and when a stone is found like this with bright color and stunning pattern it can be worth many thousands of dollars.

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