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Gift advice: when is a gift not really a gift? When its given just because some holiday says you have to do it. Find out the definition of a real gift.

Opal Stone Price around the World

Opal Stone Price Around the World This article is written as a general guide for pricing opals from www.opalmine. Opal Stone Price around the world can vary from just a few dollars to many thousands of dollars. In this article, we will first give you an idea of how the price structure of opal works. […]

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opal gift card

Opal gift card

Opal Gift Card Our Opal gift card can be emailed to you to either print yourself or have a local printer do it professionally. Opal Gift Card if you are running late to get the gift These cards are particularly helpful if you are running late to buy a gift for someone. Sometimes they are […]

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Fire opal engagement

Fire opal engagement Fire opal engagement rings and associated opal jewelry is a way of remembering your promise to the one you love. The fascinating thing about opal is that it never loses its change of color and video like vibrancy. Of course, not all opals jump from one color to another. Some opals have […]

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How And Where To Buy The Best Opals And Opal Jewelry For The Perfect Gift!

How And Where To Buy The Best Opals And Opal Jewelry For The Perfect Gift! Opal Jewelry Suggestions Go here for shop for opal gifts Shop for thousands of opals from unset stones to all varieties of opal jewelry The opal miners hut became a reality in 1977 but the owner Peter Brusaschi started […]

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Anniversary gifts

Anniversary gifts Anniversary gifts -Unique ways to say ‘I love you’ Contrary to popular belief, the idea of giving something to someone just because it’s their birthday or Christmas, or some other popular celebration, does not necessarily indicate a unique way to say ‘love you’ darling, dear, or whatever is your favorite expression for someone […]

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Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary gift ideas Anniversary Gift Ideas: There’s something about giving something to someone that does something special to us, humans. As the ancient scriptures said, to quote: “there is more happiness in giving, than there is in receiving” and that truism has remained unchallenged for over 2000 years.Well, of course, as with every wise saying, […]

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opal crystal pendants

The Opal crystal pendants Opal crystal pendants are part of one ‘family’ of opal crystal pendants noted in the following database codes: 4188, 4344, 4312, 4318 A detailed summary of a unique solid crystal opal from the Lightning Ridge fields in outback Australia set in precious 14 karat yellow gold. The pendant has been set in […]

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Genuine Opal Rings For Sale

Genuine Opal rings for sale Genuine Opal Rings For Sale: The reason why we have to use the word ‘genuine’ in front of ‘opal rings’ is that there are so many tricky sites selling what looks like the real thing but are in fact stones manufactured in a laboratory. This site is dedicated to only […]

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Australian Opal Jewellery

Australian opal jewellery Australian opal jewellery is world famous for the following reasons. Well, we are not saying that in some way it’s somehow different or more creative than jewellery from any other country. But what we ARE saying is when jewellers feature that amazing gemstone OPAL in their designs, something really special starts to happen. […]

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Gifts for Girlfriend – jewelry

Gifts for girlfriend-jewelry

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