Fire opal engagement

Fire opal engagement

Fire opal engagement
black opal in yellow gold with diamond
Fire opal engagement
blue-green black opal bezel set in sterling silver

Fire opal engagement rings and associated opal jewelry is a way of remembering your promise to the one you love.

The fascinating thing about opal is that it never loses its change of color and video like vibrancy. Of course, not all opals jump from one color to another.

Some opals have mainly one color such as blue, green, orange or red. But many of them have a combination of at least two colors such as blue-green or green-blue. The first color listed is the dominant one, the second is the less dominant.

Traditionally, engagement rings have focused on either diamonds or other more known stones such as sapphire (blue, green, yellow or party colored which is a combination of the three colors) or red Ruby. These stones, of course, are very beautiful but still don’t have the play of color which makes opal different.

So, in this article, we are suggesting that you think about using something more individual and unique for your fire engagement ring and we will show you some examples of what you can do, keeping in mind that the design of the ring can be adapted to your individual tastes.

Fire opal engagement
crystal opal in yellow gold with four diamonds

Some folks like rings that are larger and more complex, but generally fire opal engagement rings tend to be set in designs that are more subdued and practical, bearing in mind that engagement rings tend to be worn all the time, even in the washup and although Australian fire opal engagement rings can be mistreated a little like this, its recommended that you treat them with a little more respect.

There are opals from countries other than Australia but they are risky because they come from areas that are quite wet in climate and they are often very porous which means that if you happen to put your ring in water, the color will disappear and be replaced by a murky brown color. This, of course, is devastating to the wearer and has to be avoided at all costs.

we are constantly getting complaints about this problem and we suggest to folks that sometimes the color can come back if you apply heat to it but this is so unsatisfactory.

It’s better to avoid the problem by only buying from Australia which has a long history of dryness in the desert areas where the opals come from and can be guaranteed not to fade. For more information about this, don’t hesitate to contact Peter by listing your concerns in the blog below. Browse some of our opal rings here

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