Anniversary gifts

Anniversary gifts -Unique ways to say ‘I love you’

Anniversary gifts
Red based opal pendant

Contrary to popular belief, the idea of giving something to someone just because it’s their birthday or Christmas, or some other popular celebration, does not necessarily indicate a unique way to say ‘love you’ darling, dear, or whatever is your favorite expression for someone you really cherish particularly for Anniversary gifts.

To start with in regard to Anniversary gifts, if someone knew that you were only getting in touch with them, giving them a phone call, or making an arrangement to have coffee somewhere, because the inspiration came from a list of ‘things that must be done’ on the front page of your computer, or a reminder in your automatic outlook calendar, do you think they would feel that you are wanting to say ‘I love you’

Or, if you are on Skype, you get these automatic reminders of people you have done business with that today is their birthday and you should send them a birthday. Do you think this conveys the idea that you are REALLY concerned for them, or would they think that there is a business motive?

A sudden, ‘out of the blue’ phone call, just saying that you are thinking about a person and just wanted to say hello and ask how they are can be more valuable than an expensive gift, particularly if someone you know tends to get depressed at times.

Anniversary gifts
Ladi-Di style opal pendant

We are all inundated with ‘merry Christmas’ cards at the end of the year from firms we have bought something from and while there are probably a percentage of folks who actually believe that someone in that office is REALLY thinking of their welfare, most people would ignore such cards as another ‘ploy’ to make a sale.

Well, I think you have got the point. Not only are many of these celebrations rooted in ancient pagan practices but they are often designed to cater to a commodity-based society where ‘things’ and ‘possessions’ mean more than people and love for humanity.

However, I hear you say, the fact is that we are all a part of the commercial system and it’s impossible to escape the fact that we are driven by the need not just to love but to exist, to enjoy life and support it with gadgets, many of which are of practical use to make us more comfortable and to give us (often quite temporary) happiness.

We have to concede this, and hypocritically some would say, that this very site caters for this need and someone is being supported by the purchase of Anniversary gifts.

Yes, that is true. I guess this article is just trying to encourage folks not to give gifts just in response to some obligatory event but rather to choose something that will convey a feeling of love that will be a good investment that will last not just for a few days or months, but perhaps for many years.

Anniversary gifts
Gents or Ladies boulder opal pendant
Anniversary Gifts- Unique ways to say I love you:

Jewelry, in the case opal jewelry is not the only way of doing this but it could well be a good suggestion, depending on the person receiving the gift and the budget of the person giving it.

The little whiteboard cartoon with this article is a comical way of describing the gift-giving process, in this case for an anniversary.

We hope you enjoyed it along with this (some would say) unusual article on unique ways to say ‘love you’

Say it in different languages guys. In case your girl is from a different culture. And if you girls want ideas for giving to guys, check out the gents pendant and see the size comparison to the left. Take a look at the multitude of ideas here

There is no doubt that verbal expressions saying ‘i love you’ and meaning it are more important than gifts of ‘things’ but it would have to be said that gifts certainly do add emphasis to what we say because each time they are observed by the receiver, it is a small reminder of the importance of what has been said, whether it was just yesterday or 50 years ago.

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