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Opal Rings in Silver

Why has silver become so popular in opal rings? Opal rings in silver? One major reason is an economic one. I remember when gold was $40 a troy oz back in the early 70’s. We all have our ‘if only’ memories. ‘if only’ we had bought a couple of kilos of the yellow stuff back […]

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Rings For Sale

Opal Rings for Sale at the opalmine.com site are many and extensive. They come in all shapes and sizes from just tiny ones for ladies who like really little rings, to very large bulky ones to match the current trend to wearing very large jewelry.Opal Rings can be set in a variety of different metals […]

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Boulder Opal Rings

Boulder Opal Rings are becoming more popular The Boulder Opal Rings in the pictures below are examples of what are available from time to time at the Opalmine site. You can take a look in the opal shop to see what is available and leave a message on the blog below if you want to […]

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