Gold Opal Ring

Gold Opal Ring

Gold Opal Ring
black opal ring with fire red set in gold

Gold Opal Ring (s) For Sale: Enjoy the convenience of online shopping from the comforts of your office, your laptop, or from your mobile phone. And feel safe in the knowledge that all your orders are processed through pay-pal by means of a registered secure site.

Gold Opal Ring
Pair of crystal opals in gold

If there should be any difficulties or misunderstandings, your refund is only a few clicks away. You don’t have to tromp down to some retail shop and wait in a line with a piece of paper in your hand, and then be embarrassed to ask for your money back. It’s all done in total comfort and security. Gold Opal Ring Gold opal ring

Gold Opal Ring (s) online are numerous and varied and gives you an extra more convenient shopping option. Take a look here for customers comments about shopping with us.

Gold Opal Ring details

There are a number of metal choices when buying a Gold Opal Ring. They can come in either 9, 14 or 18k. Keep in mind too that you will need to find out the finger size required and depending on your country the information about this will be different. Take a look at the ring sizing chart here

Gold Opal Ring
simple finger sizing method

If you want your gold opal ring purchase to remain a secret from the person you are giving it to, here is a simple way of finding the size if you can borrow an existing ring. Simply take an inside measurement of the diameter of the ring and let us know in mm’s if possible. We will work out the size in US terms. If you need help with this, just contact Peter by leaving your details in the blog below, the contact page here or offline, leave a message here

We are here to help you make the right decision even if you need advice in buying a gold opal ring somewhere else. There is no obligation to buy. Keep in mind that buying opals can be like a minefield. There are so many look-alikes, synthetics, and opals that lose color on the market so feel free to double check with us.

Customers who have bought Gold Opal Ring(s) from opalmine

Below is an example of just one of the hundreds of comments we get back from loyal customers all over the world. (In this case how a problem was handled in favor of the customer which is always our policy:

Dear Peter

I am writing to you so that you can inform any potential customers about the very positive and generous way in which you have dealt with a problem.

Buying on the internet takes a leap of trust- I hope that sharing my experience might help others in judging and maybe leaping!

Unfortunately, I received the wrong item from you- a green opal instead of a blue one. Clearly, there was a simple mistake in the Christmas rush, but it was still disappointing.

Since the mistake was pointed out I have been delighted and surprised by the way in which you have dealt with the problem. Receiving a daily update on progress during the Christmas/new year holiday was very reassuring and beyond the normal call of duty. You also included an extra item to apologize for the problem– this is not a standard way of dealing with complaints over here, but it was a very nice surprise.

I would recommend your service and products to anyone.

Very best regards

Phil Sizer

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  1. Nice article. I must say its great that we can buy direct here through a safe medium transaction. Thanks

    1. Yes Marty, be sure to let your friends know about the site. we try our best to keep our customers interests ahead of our own and the testimonials just keep rolling in. I think we are going to run out of space, but thats a good complaint. best wishes Marty, Peter

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