Boulder Opal Rings

Boulder Opal Rings

The Boulder Opal Rings in the pictures below are examples of what is available from time to time at the Opalmine site. You can take a look in the opal shop to see what is available and leave a message on the blog below if you want to know how to order them.

They come in and out of stock quite quickly because they are sold in job lots to dealers throughout Australia. Please note, some of these have already sold but there are new lines available.

Boulder Opal Rings
boulder opal rectangle ring in silver

Boulder opal rings are made from stones found in very large boulder ironstone concretions in the western Queensland Opal fields.

The opal at the high end has full color across the surface of the gem but it can also be cut leaving the ironstone ‘mother’ as a part of the finished stone.

This makes the stone much cheaper and at times more interesting, particularly for folks who prefer a more ‘natural’ look in their jewelry. They certainly provide the right choice if this is the case with you.

Boulder Opal Rings being worn by both ladies and Gents.

Traditionally, the guys wore the larger rings but in recent times this is all changing. The Boulder Opal Rings are becoming so large that at times the feature stone spreads across more than one finger.

Such designs are possible if you are interested, so please leave your comments in the blog on this page.

One reason being that the fashion industry is turning in the direction of very large finger jewelry and boulder opal rings fit this category because they are just about the only opal that still comes in large chunks. Here is a bit of history of rings. just for your interest.

boulder opal rings

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  1. Hello,
    I recently purchased a few Boulder Opal Rings from an auction. I’m just leaning about opals and have learned quite a bit from this and other websites. Could you tell me the est. value from the attached image?


    1. Matthew sorry for the delay in answering your inquiry. we have had some technical issues with the site. please fill in the ‘contact us’ form from the dropdown at the top of this page so that i can email you back and take a look at your pictures. thanks Matthew, Peter

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