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Black Opal Underground Interview

Black opal underground interview. But its a long way to Australia and to Lightning Ridge for overseas tourist. Hence we have put this interview together, not only to find out a bit more about “black opals” but to see just how they are found and see some examples of how amazing “black opals” really are. Not many […]

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Opal Bloke eBook download

Opal Bloke eBook download Opal Bloke, an eBook in which Peter will guide you through the different types of rough opal available and the best kind to learn to cut. you also get a bunch of practice opal for free and sometimes this material produces some surprises. Often you can double the money you paid with […]

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Work on Opal Without Special Machines

How to work on opal without special machines If you don’t have any machinery, you can do it by hand this way: You have to find a piece of opal that is not too large so that it can be handled easily and has a fairly flat or domed surface. Buy yourself some wet and […]

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