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Black Opal Underground Interview

Black opal underground interview Black Opal Underground Interview…Its a long way to Australia and to Lightning Ridge for the overseas tourist. Hence we have put this interview together, not only to find out a bit more about “black opals” but to see just how they are found and see some examples of how amazing “black opals” really […]

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Opal Bloke eBook download

Opal Bloke eBook download The idea for The Opal Bloke eBook download started in what looked like a farmers paddock with a few holes in a place called “Koroit” west of the town of Cunnamulla in western Queensland. Download here Koroit is a field that produces boulder opal similar to what is found in the […]

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Work on Opal Without Special Machines

Work on opal without special machines Work on Opal Without Special Machines: If you don’t have any machinery, you can do it by hand this way: You have to find a piece of opal that is not too large so that it can be handled easily and has a fairly flat or domed surface. Buy […]

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