Opal Bloke eBook download

Opal Bloke eBook download

Opal Bloke, an eBook in which Peter will guide you through the different types of rough opal available and the best kind to learn to cut. you also get a bunch of practice opal for free and sometimes this material produces some surprises. Often you can double the money you paid with just a few stones. Along with this book you can watch the opal adventure movie available online here

Opal Bloke eBook download - Opal information manual
Opal information manual
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3 thoughts on “Opal Bloke eBook download

  1. Hi Peter,
    Fantastic, informative Books. Thanks also for the Skype call and e-mails. Your time is much appreciated.

    1. No problems Sarah. Hope you can figure it all out. Will let you know when the new opal cutting video is complete. Cutting boulder opal is pretty tricky but like everything else, when you get the hang of it, you will be fine. Its good that you are a jewelry creator as well because boulder opal is one of those stones that really inspires you. Maybe you can post some of your work on this forum when its completed. Very best wishes to you in the U.K. I guess its coming on winter over there now. just entering into our muggy summer weather here on the Gold Coast. Stinking hot out at the opal mines but my mad made is going out to do some digging anyway. he’s obsessed! haa.

  2. I wish that one could save these, it would be nice.

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