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Opal Bloke eBook download

Opal Bloke eBook download Opal Bloke, an eBook in which Peter will guide you through the different types of rough opal available and the best kind to learn to cut. you also get a bunch of practice opal for free and sometimes this material produces some surprises. Often you can double the money you paid with […]

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A Rock hound in The Opal Fields

No Opals – A Rock hound in the “opal fields” What a place for a rock hound, and what a name for a town. ‘Anakie!’ and sapphire mining! Well when I first set eyes on the place back in 1968 it sure well described it. Sapphire miners in old bombs (Aussie slang for a clapped […]

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Rock Hounds – It’s A Dog’s Life!

Rock Hounds? Why do they call people who collect stones rock hounds? Probably because when you get the rock collecting bug, you are a bit like a dog that rarely looks up at the heavens anymore because your nose is always pointed at the ground in the same direction as your eyes, trying to sniff […]

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