Black Opal Underground Interview

Black opal underground interview

Black Opal Underground Interview
Black opal from lightning ridge
Black Opal Underground Interview
Stunning red boulder opal freeform
Black Opal Underground Interview
free form boulder opal with multiple colors
Black Opal Underground Interview
boulder opal ring with diamond

Black Opal Underground Interview…Its a long way to Australia and to Lightning Ridge for the overseas tourist.

Hence we have put this interview together, not only to find out a bit more about “black opals” but to see just how they are found and see some examples of how amazing “black opals” really are.

Not many opal miners would invite you to see what they are doing but Butch is a really nice guy and was happy to tell us what he is doing and explain a bit about the process.

In this movie, you will see examples of the Lightning Ridge “black opals” as well as another form of “black opal” from further north into Queensland. These opals are called “boulder opals” and are another form of “black opal”.

The internet takes us to places we would never have found in one lifetime. This Black Opal Underground Interview with “black opal” miner Butch McFadden takes us underground at Lightning Ridge, Western NSW, Australia.

Lightning Ridge is the home of the famous “black opal” gemstone and its a place not frequented by many international visitors, even though the tourist trade for “black opals” has been brisk in recent times, particularly by Australian tourists who are taking to outback roads in droves. The sale of off-road vehicles and camper vans has never been greater.

The name itself seems to imply that the opal is black but in actual fact its only black in the background. The foreground contains colors that can be every variation to the rainbow as you will see in this short video. we hope you enjoy it.

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