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Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary gift ideas There’s something about giving something to someone that does something special to us humans. As the ancient scriptures said, to quote: “there is more happiness in giving, than there is in receiving” and that truism has remained unchallenged for over 2000 years.Well, of course, as with every wise saying, there are many […]

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Gifts for Girlfriend

Gifts for girlfriend? Gifts for anyone can be a challenge let alone someone like your girlfriend who you are really trying to impress. Guys find this particularly difficult because they are more than likely to think in terms of something practical rather than romantic. This is not a new problem. Take a look at the history […]

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Opal Jewelry (jewellery)

Opal Jewelry (jewellery) Opal jewelry a unique class of fashion accessory Note: Opal jewelry is also spelt opal jewellery in Britain and a lot of British colonies, so we will use both spelling here Its an understatement to say that opal is a beautiful stone. A marvel of nature! It is Australia’s national gemstone and is used worldwide […]

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