Gifts for Girlfriend

Gifts for Girlfriend
opal pendant and earring set

Gifts for girlfriend?

Gifts for anyone can be a challenge let alone gifts for a girlfriend who you are really trying to impress. Guys find this particularly difficult because they are more than likely to think in terms of something practical rather than romantic. This is not a new problem.

Why is this? What do you think? We welcome your feedback on this blog both from girls and a boys point of view but consider some of the following aspects as you think about your own thoughts.

My research indicates that as a general rule, girls have much higher emotional patterns than boys. I guess this is not what you would call the greatest revelation. It has been said that boys THINK more and girls FEEL more. While this might fly in the face of the women’s liberation movement, if you took a census I would vouch that most members of both sexes would believe the same based on pure experience.

This, of course, has NOTHING to do with intelligence. A more practical approach to problem-solving rather than emotional can be a distinct advantage, depending on the problem to be solved. If it’s of a mechanical nature of course logic and clear thinking is preferable but not all problems are mechanical, particularly when it involves human health and well being. A kind voice. A soft touch. An understanding reassuring voice offers much better support in a medical emergency than the hard cold logic of an unemotional medic.

But surely, the conversation we are supposed to be having is not about medical emergencies or problem-solving. We are talking about GIFTS. Gifts for girlfriend that is! How are we going to help the guys make a buying decision that will not cost an arm and a leg but will achieve the greatest appreciation from the person you love or someone you really want to get to know better with romantic intentions, that may or may not as yet be reciprocal.

Well, you can’t really go past flowers! I have known some girls who for logical money saving reasons get upset when their boyfriends or husbands buy flowers for them, reasoning that it would be far more practical to save the money and buy some furniture. But those type of girls are a really rare commodity.

So what is it about flowers that steals the hearts of most girls? I think it has something to do with flowers demonstrating such beauty and perfume that will soon fade. Girls I reckon understand that the fact that the beauty of lovely things like this is so short-lived, the appreciation of which is for them alone and even though the beauty fades quickly, the feeling remains not just for a short time but potentially for the rest of their lives. Girls talk about moments in time involving flowers 50 years after the gift.

But flowers can be expensive. That’s true and for very special occasions whether an anniversary for married couples or for single ones too, it could be appropriate to spend a bit more, but keep in mind that maybe just a single rose could convey just as much as an expensive bunch.

Alternate suggestions for jewelry gifts for girlfriend.



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