Rough Opal

rough opal boulder, boulder opal rough
rough boulder opal from Koroit opal field

Rough Opal

Ordering Rough Opal on the net is the way to go

As long as you have confidence in the person you are dealing with. The great benefit of it is that you can take a look at what you are ordering before you get it and ask all the questions you like. However, I must say that photographing opal is not easy because of the amazing variations of color.

The camera at times does not know what to do and the graphic has to be adjusted to approximate the actual stone. Sometimes the color is captured but the pattern is missed. The challenge is not to exaggerate or minimize.

Some of the opal graphics I have seen on the net are extremely exaggerated and designed to “catch” a sale, but this only leads to disappointment. As far as possible I try to understate the color a little and describe the differences by email.

Everyone has a different viewpoint as to what is good value and what is not, depending on your market and your experience as a cutter. Hopefully, the following will assist all to get as close to expectations as possible. If you are ever disappointed with a parcel, let us know and I will make every effort to make you happy.

I want you to buy again and again, so, even if I lose money at times, I will make it up in the long run by good service. However because of the amount of inquiries I get, and the difficulty of locating the right rough opal parcel, I cannot always give the service I would like to. I apologize in advance for this, but of course, this is the nature of the business. Opals don’t grow on trees.

The last couple of years have been very difficult for the opal industry because of the running out of traditional fields and the failure to find new ones. You will be pleased to know that I have formed a partnership with a number of miners who have found some new fields and have come through with some new stock. Hopefully, this will continue. If any of you are still interested, after being neglected, please let me know. Please take a look at the following points designed to help you make the right decision.

Rough Opal- Starting off Go to opal shop here

(1) Are you a new cutter, needing inexpensive parcels that you can practice on before venturing into the more expensive material? If so, give me an indication of your budget so that I can arrange the right rough opal parcel. This can be from $50 up, but keep in mind that if the parcel is heavy, the freight can cost around $30 or more. $100 parcels are usually the least you would want to order…but if the material is light, I’m happy to fit your budget as much as possible.

(2) If you need experience in cutting, keep in mind the CD “The ordinary bloke’s guide to opal” The cost of this CD covering 30 years of experience in the opal industry is just $35 plus freight and insurance, but it can be had freely if you order over $100 (plus freight) worth of rough opal. You Can also get this publication as an e-book here.

Rough Opal – Need to Understand End Use

(3) If you are a professional cutter already, please give me an idea of the type of material you like. If you let me know the type of stones you prefer cutting. i.e. for carving, free forms, ovals, specimens, doublets, triplets, inlays, etc. Or a few of both. Of course, each parcel will provide stones for various categories, but if you let me know this detail I can send a parcel which features your main preference. Sometimes customers have ordered parcels that do not fit their preferences and have been disappointed. I would like to avoid this as much as possible..

(4) If you are ordering rough opal boulder for cutting or carving, remember that polishing the ironstone in the boulder is a tricky experience. You can experiment with it but it is different to polishing opal and can produce disappointing results. information about opal processing here

(5) Please indicate if you prefer to buy rough as it comes out of the ground [mine run] so that you can enjoy the “challenge” of exposing the color. Keep in mind that this can be very risky. You can do very well, or you can lose money. If you like the excitement of finding something unexpected, this is the way to go. So you just have to make your mind up about that. Usually, I take the risk for you, expose the color, take a photograph, and either send you the graphic by email attachment, or post it on the net. I can then give you a commentary on the parcel as well to give you more details. Whatever happens, I always try to keep my customers happy, even if I lose at times.

(6) Please indicate if you are used to buying opal by troy oz , by the gram, by parcel lot, or by piece. I will try to give you these details.

Rough Opal – Paying for your stones

(7) Apart from a very few customers who send money orders or bank drafts, I do all my trading with credit cards and PayPal. If you would like to inspect the rough opal before committing yourself, you just have to submit your credit details, using the encryption order on Opal Mine Store will hold this for safekeeping until the parcel arrives. I would just love to be able to send the material without security but unfortunately; some dishonest people spoil it for all. If you have any questions about my reliability in this regard, please feel free to talk to any of the customers who’s email details and comments are listed in the customer Testimonials

Freight: If you want your parcel sent by FedEx courier, please contact us as there are some details you should know. We prefer to send by Australia post as it has proved to be more reliable over the years and there are less hassles with customs imports.

Hope this information helps you to make a good rough opal buying decision.

2 thoughts on “Rough Opal

  1. please leave your contact details here and we can talk about rough opal supplies by email. best wishes Wasim, Peter

  2. Wasim, best idea is to talk about it by email. i will need to know what sort of white rough opal you are interested in because there are a number of different ways of buying it. If you have been used to buying semi precious stones like lapis or agates or chalcedony etc, you may not realise that opal is a precious stone and is not sold in kilos but either in troy oz or by the parcel. It is often sold as rubs (rough that has had the rubbish cleaned away from it) or mine run which means that you might get a lot of material with only potch (unformed opal) I will send you an email and we can discuss it further. Thanks for your inquiry. Best wishes, Peter

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