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Opal Cutting eBook: Over the years we have sold many copies of the book ‘Opals for the ordinary Bloke” by Peter J Brusaschi. Lots of folks have made opal cutting and processing either a fascinating hobby or have turned it into a fully fledged business as a result of this book.
However, it’s very difficult to become proficient at cutting opals if you don’t have something to practice on. Like everything else, there’s only a certain amount you can learn from a book. The rest must be found by putting it into action.
The formula is Knowledge + Practice = Skill. Hence, although the book will be offered for sale on the net, probably through Amazon as a kindle, we have decided to do an upgrade of it under a new name, “Opal, an Australian Adventure” , and turn it into an eBook available for free for the time being, here on this site.Opal eBook - An Australian adventure
To help us cover expenses and benefit yourself, we encourage you to spend $150 on some rough opal after you have gotten the gist of the book so that you can put your newly found knowledge into action.
This amount will cover shipping costs and give you some opal that will cut into good stones, as well as some practice material that you can just use to learn on so that it doesn’t matter if you make a few mistakes.

Guarantee on any opal rough purchase

We guarantee that you will more than double your money on this investment, or you will get extra rough opal to make sure you do. please go to our testimonial page here so that you can see what other customers have said about our service. Customer relations is the hallmark of our business. Not wanting to ‘blow my bagpipes’ as we say in Australia, but it is good to know who you are trusting your money with if you decide to try some rough opal. Just type Peter Brusaschi into Google and I would be delighted if you can find any negative comments about my business activities in the last 40 years.

Opal cutting eBook for guys and gals

It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female. Some of the best cutters are girls. You are guaranteed to get a huge amount of satisfaction out of learning this system and you can easily take it to the next step and start setting your completed stones into rings and pendants using mainly sterling silver. These items can be used both for your own jewelry and to give to family and friends as excellent quality meaningful gifts, saving you money as well.

Opal Cutting eBookWe hope you enjoy the book, and if you do, please pass on the information to your friends. In the meantime, enjoy the following pictures of opal cutting machines and other things related to this book. Click here for these.

Please note that since the time of writing, this information is now available for free on this site. Please go here for the details

Opal Cutting eBook
Opal Windlass for pulling opal bearing dirt out of the ground

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  1. Estimado quisiera comprar una maquina para fabricar cabuchones en serie y calibrados, por su información muchas gracias. saludos

    1. opal mine tendrá que ponerse en contacto con la gente de suministro lapidarias en su país. peter

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