popular-opal-pendants-for-sale-blue opal drop in yellow gold

blue opal drop in yellow gold

Welcome to our video blog post “Popular Opal Pendants For Sale!”

Well of course pendants are vying with rings for the position of the most popular jewelry items in the world. One thing about it as far as the jewelry seller is concerned, its far easier to deal in pendants than it is in rings, whether you have a physical shop or an online store, because rings always have the problem of making sure that the ring in question fits the finger of the potential wearer.

This can be a problem particularly when the shank of the ring is quite heavy. To expand a ring, the jeweler will endeavor to use a stretching machine rather than to cut and re weld it, but this is not always possible. And if the metal is to thick and heavy near the top of the ring, it can cause the stone to pop out or break.  So pendants are much easier because popular sized chains of 18″ and 16″ will fit just about anyone’s neck.

But lets get back to the subject – popular opal pendants

Pendants of course, come in all shapes and sizes and designs. Some people just like a very plain bezel design with a simple bale (that’s the thing where the chain goes through) at the top like the one we have illustrated here. In this case we see a drop or teardrop shape featured a dark doublet opal probably from the Coober Pedy region in South Australia.

This particular hanger (another word for pendant) see:  Wiki comments on ‘pendants’ 

is a part of our selection of popular opal pendants featuring the dark blue opal color. But as you have come to realize on this opalmine site, opals come in many varieties of colors and combinations of colors.  This one has a couple of shades of blue mingled together with a fairly broad pattern but others such as here feature lots of shades.
Below we created a short video that displays our range of Opal pendants that we have for sale here at opalmine.com
If you see anything at all that you like please feel free to contact us or just make an order here today!

I hope you enjoyed our short video Opal Pendants For Sale?
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Opalopal pendants for salePopular Opal Pendants For Sale