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Boulder Opal Pendant Cluster

Boulder Opal Pendant Cluster Boulder opals are from the western Queensland Australia, opal fields. This particular opal pendant is set in sterling silver with a bezel surround. It contains seven marvelous boulder opals featuring the green color but combined with other colors. The surface of the stones show hints of boulder ironstone insuring that this […]

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Black Australian Opals

Black Australian opals are one of those exquisite wonders of the natural world. Of course the term ‘black Australian opals’ really confuses people because if you dont know much about them you would be excused for thinking that black opals are black of course. However by way of explanation, take a look here. You see, when […]

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Popular Opal Pendants

Welcome to our video blog post “Popular Opal Pendants For Sale!” Well of course pendants are vying with rings for the position of the most popular jewelry items in the world. One thing about it as far as the jewelry seller is concerned, its far easier to deal in pendants than it is in rings, […]

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