Opals For Sale

Opals For Sale
Coober Pedy white opal

Opals For Sale

Opals For Sale: There are about 1000 opals for sale at Opal Mine

Opal Jewelry For Sale

You can get opals for sale that are already set in jewelry, (or jewellery if you come from the United Kingdom.) Opal rings, pendants, necklaces, brooches, earrings, bracelets, tie tacks, tie bars, cuff links.

Opal jewelry for girls and boys, ladies, and gents. Opals set in 9k, 14k,18k yellow, and white gold. Opals set in 925 sterling silver either with silver finish or coated in 24k gold. Special pendant and earring matching sets are available for under $100 set in pure sterling.

Unset Opals For Sale

Unset opal makes a great choice when looking for opals for sale that you can buy to have set yourself. Maybe you have a favorite jeweler who can design and set opals for you, or you can take advantage of our free design service. Feel free to leave a comment at the end of this page if you want some help in this direction.

Even if you have dreamed up some design or shape and you don’t like drawing. Just scan in a rough sketch of your idea and we can help you finish it.

Rough Opals For Sale For Lapidarists & Opal Cutters

Rough opal from all the major fields of Australia starting from:

  • Coober Pedy Rough Opal for Sale. The South Australian Opal fields produce the most popular type of rough opal, particularly for beginners because it’s less of a challenge to cut. Opal from these mines come in parcels, along with special instructions as to how to process it called White, Milk, or Crystal Opal.
  • You can find out all about these terms if you go to the encyclopedia at opalmine.com You can also get information about how to cut and polish these stones, particularly if you are introducing a young person to this interesting hobby that easily converts into a business.
  • Rough Lightning Ridge Opal For Sale from Western New South Wales Opal fields which produces opal similar to Coober Pedy except that it is usually black or dark in the background instead of white, but these mines also produce a percentage of crystal opal. There are heaps of little parcels of Lightning Ridge Opal for sale on this site
  • Queensland Rough Boulder Opal For Sale. This is an entirely different kind of opal that is cut out of very large boulder ironstones and the only way to buy this without risk is to make sure it has been cleaned out of the mother rock so that you can see where the color is. There are lots of little parcels not so expensive to start off with.


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9 thoughts on “Opals For Sale

  1. I have an earing in golden bed with a white Australian opal. Unfortunately lost 1 of it.
    my question:
    Could you send me piece of it if I send you the pic and the exact size of the one that left?


    1. Klara, please send me a picture of the remaining opal earring and i will let you know what can be done

    2. Klara, did i contact you about your opal earring? peter

  2. jag har grova opaler fran norra delar av Etiopien som jag saljer. Jag har dem i Stockholm. om du ar intresserad kan du kontakta mig via email.

    1. Jag säljer allt annat än australiska opaler på grund av problemet med färg försvinnande med wello opal men skicka mig ett mail till Peter på Opalmine dot com inte och jag kommer att vidarebefordra dina uppgifter till någon som kan vara intresserad. Bästa hälsningar, Peter

  3. i seller rough opal can you find contact to me.


    1. regarding rough opal, just contact me by email from the front page. thanks Setegne Peter

  4. Hello,
    Looking for unset black opals (N1) quality with hughes of greens and blues for ring settings… may be interested in rings you already have in 14kt yellow gold if could take a look.

    1. William, i will take a look and contact you direct by email. Check your inbox and we can communicate about it. Thanks for leaving the message, Peter

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