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Buy Opal Jewellery Online

Buy Opal Jewellery Online Buy Opal Jewellery Online: More and more folks are going to the internet to buy opal jewellery online, particularly opals, because unless you are living in Australia, they are probably not native to your country and prices tend to be loaded by all the overheads that must be added to local shopping because […]

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The Jewelry Australia Manufactures

Jewelry Australia Manufactures The Jewelry Australia Manufactures: ‘Jewelry’ or as we spell it here ‘Jewellery’ (U.K. Spelling) When it comes to jewelry Australia is very much influenced by our national gemstone, Opal. In the past, it has been a challenge for designers to come up with ideas that will enhance the opal and get away […]

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Australian Opal Jewellery

Australian Opal Jewellery Australian opal jewellery has finally come of age. In the past decade or so, the Australian government has seen fit to create a national gemstone and even though many other gemstones are found in this large continent, most of them are also found extensively in other countries. Not so with opal. Even […]

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