The Jewelry Australia Manufactures

the-jewelry-australia-manufacturers-black opal ring with diamond
black opal ring with diamond

Jewelry Australia Manufactures

‘Jewelry’ or as we spell it here ‘Jewellery’ (U.K. Spelling)

When it comes to jewelry Australia is very much influenced by our national gemstone, Opal. In the past it has been a challenge for designers to come up with ideas that will enhance the opal and get away from tired old designs with a swirl of gold here and there without much imagination.

Problem with designing jewelry Australia style, when setting opals

The opal stone itself seems to dominate just about any style you come up with and the fascination lies in the fact that nature has allowed the opal to take on the colors of many different gemstones and this tends to dominate over the style of the setting. Pliny The Elder, Roman naturalist (AD23-79) CE put it this way:

Pliny’s intriguing description of opal (color in U.K.)color

“The opal is made of the glories of the most precious gems, which places it beyond description, for amongst them is the fire of the ruby, the rich purple of the amethyst, the sea green of the emerald, the blue of the sapphire, all glittering together in union indescribable. Some by the intensity of their hues, equal all the painters colors, others the flame of burning brimstone, or of fire quickened by oil. ”

the-jewelry-australia-manufacturers-black opal ring with diamond-white gold
black opal ring with diamond-white gold

On a recent trip to Sydney I tried to find a traditional Australian to ask directions. I couldn’t find one in a large shopping center. This illustrates that Australia is very much a cosmopolitan country today made up, not of traditional Europeans from England and Ireland as was once the case, but rather people from many other countries. Each of them have brought their own traditions, cuisines, fashions, and yes, the jewelry Australia now produces, design wise, is a mixture of all these varieties.

Australia produces a large quantity of the world’s precious stones

The jewelry Australia produces has been influenced a lot by the precious stones available in this country. Of course, much of our country’s sapphires and opals are exported to the rest of the world and a lot of Australian production is done using the skills of overseas jewelry manufacturers as well but having said that, the higher grade investment opal jewelry is mostly produced in Australia.

Australia produces a variety of jewelry types

Opal pendants, opal earrings, opal rings, opal bracelets and gent’s jewelry as well, but out of all these types of jewelry, Rings and Pendants are the most popular. In recent years the emphasis has gone away from complicated designs to plainer, bezel set styles. This influence has come mainly from Germany where people’s tastes are more straightforward than complicated. A few years ago when Japan started buying Australian Opal in a big way, the designs were mainly very small and dainty. Nowadays with European design influence, the opal pendants and opal rings have been getting larger and larger.

the-jewelry-australia-manufacturers-boulder opal pendant with diamonds
boulder opal pendant with diamonds
the-jewelry-australia-manufacturersboulder opal pendant from koroit fields
boulder opal pendant from koroit fields
the-jewelry-australia-manufacturers-designer pendant using small round opals
designer pendant using small round opals

Take a look at the designs in the shop on this site to see all the varieties of jewelry Australia has on offer.

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