Buy Opal Jewellery Online

Buy Opal Jewellery Online

Buy Opal Jewellery Online
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Buy Opal Jewellery Online: More and more folks are going to the internet to buy opal jewellery online, particularly opals, because unless you are living in Australia, they are probably not native to your country and prices tend to be loaded by all the overheads that must be added to local shopping because of import and other expenses.

The biggest problem, of course, is that you are taking a risk dealing with a jewellery store without a shop location and humans to talk to personally. Particularly for older folks like myself (70 years of age – where did all the years go??) who are used to shopping locally, it takes some time to get used to it.

I must admit though that the instant I discovered the internet back in 1996, I could see its potential although perhaps not realizing the EXTENT to which things have grown.

You see, I too owned one of those opal jewellery stores for over 20 years,

operating out of the Gold Coast Australia selling a combination of opal stones from our mining and cutting operation, combining them with Australian sheepskin products and the now famous UGG BOOTS which we were partially involved in creating.

Very soon after I discovered the internet I registered the name OPALMINE.COM, eventually sold the sheepskin business to my nephew Peter Youngson who still runs it under the name SHEEPSKIN HUT. Peter still has thousands of tourists from the UK and other countries buying his boots and sheepskin products.

But I have stuck to my original love, opal jewellery.

At the Opalmine site, combining old shop records we have well over ten thousand signatures and recommendations from the international community, including the UK, Europe, the USA and numerous other countries. The records are here for all to see , including heaps of interactions with customers and people needing help with their opal jewelry. We decided from the beginning that the Opalmine would be a service site to help folks first, and then the sales would look after themselves, and this is exactly what has happened. So wherever you are, the opalmine shop is at your convenience to buy opal jewellery online.

Visit the jewellery store here

See 17 pages of Opal Rings

From time to time I still go into Pete’s sheepskin shop and he still carries some of my opals there so please say hello if you are in Australia, and if not I hope this brief summary has helped you see how you can buy online jewellery in the UK, in this case, that amazing stone, Australian opal.

If you are not inclined to buy anything at this point, keep in mind our helpful blog at the bottom of each page where you are invited to make some comments, or if you need any help with existing opal jewellery, don’t hesitate to ask a question like many thousands of other visitors have done, and we hope this little presentation will give you some confidence to buy jewellery online, particularly opal jewellery.

Best wishes from Peter

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