Anniversary Gifts for Her

Anniversary Gifts for her

Anniversary Gifts for Her: A good way to refresh a marriage! They are an expression of our love and appreciation.. but its a pain trying to find the right one each year. A gift given in obligation is not a gift, its a service and it destroys the whole concept

Before you start looking, take a read of this thought-provoking article that focuses on the subject of gift giving a little more thoroughly. It might give you something to think about that you don’t normally find in any form of advertising from jewelry or other gift supply stores. See: how to view a gift properly. It pretty well says what a lot of people know is right but often don’t put into words.

Anniversary Gifts for Her
Solid crystal opal with diamonds

Anniversary Gifts are good ways to remind us about the importance of relationships.

Marriage, despite the modern trend to go it alone or just live together, is still an institution that holds a lot of respect and is, in fact, the fiber that holds together communities.

Commitment is good for us. Because it stimulates effort. It encourages us to work hard at whatever we are doing and despite the romance associated with this subject, a good marriage is a combination of two committed people.

Anniversary Gifts for Her
solid crystal opal with diamonds

Two committed IMPERFECT people who, when problems arise, work their way through them because of a combination of love and commitment. Sure there are times when couples feel that they can no longer live together and who am I or anyone else to say they should not separate.

But it really is a shame that so much time and effort and money has been put into a relationship, not to mention the responsibilities of parenthood and the care for children, only to be thrown away in an instant by abandonment to commitment.

Anniversary gifts are only a very small part of reaffirming commitment but if you are old enough you will remember this song by Kitty Kalen and I guess it could be said that they are some of the BIGGER little things that mean a lot.

One of the Anniversary gifts I bought my wife this year (2015) was an amazing orchid.

Never seen anything like it. It cost me an arm and a leg. I wont say how much in case she reads this but i chose it instead of a bunch of flowers because my male logic worked out that it would not only last a long time (it still looks great after over a months display on our kitchen table) but the bonus is (so I thought) that I would also be able to plant it in the garden.

But this notion was abruptly brought to a halt by our next door neighbor who knows all about orchids and announced that it wont grow in the garden. It will fade and die. How disappointing!!

However at least the month or two pleasure we will both get out of it will serve to remind us of our marriage in December 1968. (46 years as at 2014) And help to make sure our marriage wont suffer the same fatality. (smile)

Addendum Just to give you an update about the orchid anniversary gifts. It lost all its flowers but we put it in the garden and the buds came out again…so it looks like it DOES grow in the garden. Maybe i should try giving it to her again next year…haaa not!!

Like myself, you will wonder which anniversary gifts you will buy your dearly beloved. It seems to be mainly a masculine problem as the girls generally need a bit more assurance. Apart from flowers and the like, you can almost bet that jewelry (or jewellery as the British would spell it) will be much appreciated and at you will find something to fit your pocket that you wont find in your local jewelry store.

The attached pics are of an expensive solid crystal opal, but you dont have to go to that extent for anniversary gifts if you cant afford it. And if you decide not to buy anything from this site, it has been a pleasure making a few points that might bring whoever reads it closer together as husband and wife.

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