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Opalmine! The Grandfather of Opal sites. Buy Opal Jewelry and Australian Opals here.

We deal exclusively in this amazing stone. There are so many varieties that we have dedicated the site with its hundreds of pages to this stone alone. Browse stunning pictures of Opal Rings, Black Opal, Boulder Opal, and Opal Jewellery in eye catching settings. At this trusted Grandfather site which has been selling on the net for nearly 20 years, you are guaranteed quality and personalized service from experts with over 40 years experience. Opal is the only gemstone on earth capable of capturing the entire range of the spectrum in one precious dynamic jewel.

Black Opals have a dark or black background,

causing the color to jump out and tantalize your eye as if alive. Boulder Opal, another variety of Black Opal, not only has this same unique quality but is combined with patterns and pictures like nothing you have ever seen. Each of these magnificent pieces is new and different and you will find that it will become a part of your personality as you wear it. If you are buying an opal for someone else, just think about their color preferences and jewelry likes, and you will find something to fit their needs and your pocket. welcome to opalmine-opal jewelry and unset opals.

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Appearance and Characteristics of Opal:

The opal is said to be over 60 million years old but this is questionable. More recent analysis seems to indicate that opal can develop in a relatively short period of time but whatever is the case, Australian opals are sought after because of their reputation of being secure with dynamic flashes of color set against a dark background. Hence the term ‘black’ or ‘dark’ opal. Until black opal was discovered in Australia, the world had only seen white or light colored opal.


One of the unique characteristics of the stone is its opalescence. The stone has a rainbow like iridescence that changes according to the angle of observation. The stone possesses the ability to reflect and refract particular wavelengths of light. This play of color really makes opal jewelry come alive! There are some beautiful gemstones in the world but the opal has the unique characteristic of being able to change colors as it is moved.

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