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Triplet Opals

Triplet Opals: Black Opal effect without the price tag – Please note that these are mostly sold in parcels to dealers and there are currently no images. please fill in the contacts form if you require triplets in various grades.

Triplet OpalsTriplet opals are the only choice if you are looking for stunning opals at the best price. Triplets feature every possible variety of opal colors. The reason opal triplets are so affordable is in the way they put together and the materials used. Don’t get me wrong, triplets are still real opal.

They are comprised as the name suggests of three parts. First the opal is sliced very thinly, then it is mounted onto a dark backing of some kind, and finally, a clear cap is mounted on top. The end result is often more stunning than some of the most expensive black opals.

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Materials Used For Triplet Opals

  1. Opal – Thin slice of crystal opal.
  2. Backing – Usually black opal potch or boulder ironstone.
  3. Cap – Usually crystal or a variation of it

The effect of a dark backing works in the same way as a black opal. The dark backing deepens the colors thrown back while the capping refracts and amplifies the intensity of the colors. These two features working together make some triplets incredibly beautiful and very much worth setting in jewelry.

Identifying Triplet Opals

Triplet opals can be easily identified by looking at them side on. When viewed from the side you can see the crystal or glass capping dome because of its see-through or glassy nature and you can often see the join line between the dark backing and the thin slice of opal. This, of course, is not noticeable if the stone is in a setting where the gold or silver surrounds the opal.

Be sure to buy from reputable dealers to make sure you are not cheated in this matter. Some dealers without principle will pass off an opal triplet as an expensive black opal. Not that the triplet is not real opal but it is a different category designed so that those of us who are not wealthy can enjoy a real opal without the huge cost.

Supply of triplet opals is available as multiples at wholesale. Be sure to leave a message on our contact form if you are a reseller. If you are making your own jewelry pieces then triplet opals are a great way to start using precious gemstones without the huge price that most precious gems command.

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  1. Need a supply of opal triplets 7×5 to 16×12 as I wholesale jewellery of those sizes
    Thanks John

  2. I am looking for a triplet opal similar to the one in the photo attached. If you didn’t get the photo please let me know. It is a 10x8mm teardrop green/blue triplet opal. If you had two teardrops in another size but similar color I would be very pleased with that. I will look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

      1. Thank you for trying to find teardrop black opals. I dont see a place for “Comments” on your web page. I thought I used the correct means to contact this company.

        1. Robin, i will send you an email and i will check about the ease of use of the contacts section in opalmine. you raise a good point. just answer my email when i send it and thanks for your comments, Peter

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