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doublet opalsDoublet Opals

Doublet Opals – Bang Without the Buck click here for opalmine shop

Doublet opals are the perfect choice if you are looking for a truly attractive stone without the price tag of a solid opal. They feature a multitude of opal colors blended together with a backdrop of dark material such as ironstone or black opal potch.

Doublet opals will look great with both pastel as well as dark shades of clothing and you can wear them any time of the day in whatever style you fancy.

Doublet Opals Are Affordable

Doublet opals are especially worthwhile as they are very eye-catching yet easily affordable compared to solid black opals of a similar look. Unlike the rarer versions such as crystal opals or black opals, Doublet opals are natural crystal opals that are attached with jewelers cement to a black background. This has the effect of stopping the light from passing through the opal and throwing it forward, giving the opal a more dramatic stunning appearance.

Recognising Doublet Opals

Doublet opals can be recognized by looking at the opal side on. When viewed from the side you can often see the join between the top layer and the bottom layer. This isn’t always possible, especially when the doublet opal has been mounted in a bezel setting. You should always buy opals from a reputable dealer to make sure you can know the difference. Some unscrupulous dealers will try to market doublet opals as solids.

Doublet opals are a way of owning a delightful dramatic black opal without having to spend thousands of dollars. The only difference being that doublet opals are set in a dark background rather than have the background attached to the stone naturally.

So in purchasing a doublet opal at an affordable price, you are not resorting to buying synthetics. It is still a real stone with an international guarantee

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