Australian Black Opals

A parcel of Australian Black Opals

Australian Black Opals, the finest in the world

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Australian black opals are the finest in the world.

Originating mainly from the outback opal fields of Lightning Ridge, these magnificent stones are in great demand throughout the world for both their investment value and their great and unique beauty.

Where they are found

Australian Black Opals are also found in places like Coober Pedy and Andamooka  in South Australia but these fields are known mainly for crystal and white opal.

They are also found in Mintabee, to the north of Coober Pedy on the way to Alice Springs in the center of Australia. You can take a look at what they look like as cut and polished but unset stones, here  and when the stones are set in either sterling silver or gold, the look like this.

How to buy australian black opals

The best way to buy Australian Black opals  is to take a good look through the selling pages on this site and be sure to ask any questions that you like about the subject.

There is something for all pockets to afford, from under $100 to many thousands of dollars. Not that all the gems in this site are black opals. that’s the versatility of this gemstone.

By setting the lesser priced stones in a dark background, you can get the same effect as an expensive black opal, and you still have a gemstone that is a real stone, not a synthetic.

Australian Black Opal 

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