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Opal Jewelry settings

What holds a round topped stones such as an opal, security in a pendant or ring?

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Designer Opal Jewelry

Designer Opal jewellery Who on the earth does not want to wear a piece of sparkling designer opal jewellery? can be defined as a piece of jewellery which has been created by a jewelry [jewellery in U.K. language] artist and so is usually much more expensive in comparison to mass produced items. Despite the extra […]

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Opal Earrings

[category name=”Opal Earrings”] Opal Earrings a Historical Item   The practice of wearing earrings, not just opal earrings of course, goes back as far into history as you can reach. The remains of the ancient Princess of Ur in the Mesopotamian valley in Iraq were found by archaeologists early in the last century. Fortunately grave […]

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