Opal Earrings

Opal Earrings

Opal Earrings
matching opal doublets in gold

The practice of wearing earrings, not just opal earrings, of course, goes back as far into history as you can reach. The remains of the ancient Princess of Ur in the Mesopotamian valley in Iraq were found by archaeologists early in the last century.

Fortunately, grave robbers had missed one section and the results were the discovery of ancient earrings, pendants, and headpieces in the royal tomb.

Some gemstones of lapis were also found but no opals of course. It’s doubtful that opals were discovered that far back in history but there are records of them being popular amongst the ancient Romans.

Opal Earrings can be bezel or claw set

Like rings and pendants, opal earrings can be set in a rolled in a bezel of gold or silver, or they can be set with four or more claws. They come in all sizes and shapes.

They can be set so that they are featured against the earlobe itself, or can be hung as drops, down from the ear. Pear or drop-shaped opal earrings are the most popular for this line of jewelry.

Opal Earrings for pierced as well as Clamp or Screw fittings

Some folks don’t like to have their ears pierced, so the alternative is to have the opal earrings or opal studs, clipped or screwed on to the earlobe with various forms of clips and settings.

However, it must be said that by far the most popular nowadays is the pierced type and these are usually held on to the ear by what are termed ‘butterflies’ or small clutches that are fitted to the pin at the inside of the earlobe.

When purchasing these from here it’s a good idea to request a free set of these butterflies in case of loss. We usually supply them freely but from time to time it gets forgotten so a reminder helps.







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