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Opal promise rings

Opal promise rings Opal promise rings are different from engagement rings in that they are a promise of a decision made to commit to a relationship that will last and lead to an engagement at some time in the future. Engagement rings pretty well say, “I am ready for a lasting relationship…Let’s get married!” whereas for […]

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Genuine Opal Rings

Genuine Opal Rings How is it possible for the average person to know the difference when the desire is to buy genuine opal rings pendants, earrings, or other popular jewelry? An item that is genuine, non- synthetic? The short answer is: ‘VERY DIFFICULT!’ The fact is that, unless you are deeply involved in the opal industry itself, […]

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Please note due to Covid19 the post office has cancelled all low-cost freight. Only tracking available at a cost of $25. However, we will be including a gift pendant with each order to compensate.