Genuine Opal Rings

Genuine Opal Rings

genuine-opal-rings-with red features
genuine black opal ring
Genuine Opal Rings
matching black opals
Genuine Opal Rings
black opal with diamonds

How is it possible for the average person to know the difference when the desire is to buy genuine opal rings pendants, earrings, or other popular jewelry? An item that is genuine, non- synthetic?

The short answer is: ‘VERY DIFFICULT!’ The fact is that, unless you are deeply involved in the opal industry itself, preferably in the actual cutting and polishing process, it’s not easy to tell the difference between look-alikes and Genuine Opal Rings.

Of course, some folks don’t mind wearing glass instead of a diamond or synthetic opal instead of the real thing, but most would prefer to be able to say YES if a friend or associate asks you if your opal ring is genuine.

How can you find Genuine Opal Rings?

Short of taking a course in gemology the easiest way is just to deal with people who do nothing else but deal in opals from the rough state and turn them into the finished item, through the cutting and polishing, to the final setting of the stone. Find a site that has a good reputation with lots of Genuine Opal Rings for sale, has been selling the real opals for a long period of time, and is supported by many customers recommendations.

That way you have the best chance of getting what you paid for namely, a genuine opal ring or pendant. There are so much synthetic opal (and all other gemstones including diamonds) being sold online by unscrupulous dealers who do not reveal that its only plastic or laboratory produced.

We invite you to take a look at the vast array of genuine crystal, white, black, black boulder, doublet, and triplet opal from At this site we not only guarantee the genuineness of your purchase but our international guarantee continues past the traditional ‘one year’ on to pretty well infinity.

Genuine Opal Rings with a perpetual guarantee

You are at present accessing the original online opal jewelry site which we believe is the only one with an International long-lasting guarantee. We supply the world direct from our opalmine. We design & assemble Genuine Opal Rings, opal pendants, opal earrings, opal bracelets, rough opal. Our reputation at guarantees that every opal you find on this site is natural and we will stand by it perpetually.

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4 thoughts on “Genuine Opal Rings

  1. My opal collection was stolen from me @ 15 yrs ago. I want to have opals again. Is it possible to cut an opal similar to a marquis diamond, only somewhat domed instead of multifaceted? Please advise.

    1. Debbi that is so annoying. please take a look through the rings at and see if you can find any stones that look like the one you lost. i will send you an email so that we can make direct contact. peter

    2. Debbi, did i give you an answer to your opal question? If not, so sorry. I will send you an email to make direct contact. or you can get me on live chat at certain times of the day at best wishes, Peter

    3. i think i answered this, peter

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