Sterling silver Opal Earrings

Sterling silver Opal Earrings

Sterling silver Opal Earrings
boulder opal in silver drops

Sterling silver Opal Earrings: The earrings to the left are called boulder opal. This means that the opal has a natural backing of dark brown ironstone meaning that the light is thrown forward giving it a denser brilliant look than crystal opal which has no natural backing and is often translucent.

Sterling silver Opal Earrings
blue-green sterling silver opal drops

Opal, of course,e are very desirable in earrings as with many other precious gemstones but they are not always easy to find because each opal is totally unique.

Sterling silver opal earrings are becoming extremely popular. Not only does the white silver metal contrast nicely with either black, boulder, triplet, or doublet opals, but the metal is cheaper than gold and more of it can be used to create more unique designs because the jeweler is not concerned so much for the cost of the metal.

The endless colors and patterns of Sterling silver Opal Earrings

Sterling silver Opal Earrings
Boulder opal earrings
Sterling silver Opal Earrings
boulder opal earrings showing natural ironstone inclusions

Opal is such a unique stone and it’s often difficult to get two stones to match. Particularly with boulder opal.

However, the amazing patterns and colors in this stone make it acceptable that one earring is slightly different than the other as long as the stones are the same shape and the basic theme colors of the earrings are similar. Here is an example of this.

Sterling silver Opal Earrings don’t always match

Sterling silver Opal Earrings
Black opals and diamonds set in white gold



but if you look closely you will find a difference, much like fingerprints. However, this does not take away from the beauty and acceptability of using opals in this capacity because you don’t glare at a pair of earrings. Because they are worn in both ears, there is a considerable space between them.

The 14k yellow gold surrounds that encircle these earrings are in the traditional rope design and we have opted to use claws instead of a bezel in this particular pair.

Claws are secure and they allow the opal area to be shown more extensively and the presentation is very straightforward without a lot of complication. And as you can see, the lovely green yellow orange patterns don’t need any extra show to make them look outstanding.

If you look closely you will see what looks like a harlequin pattern in one of the stones. Harlequin, of course, are the patterns on a clowns outfit and the term has been used to describe any opal that has squarish or defined edged patters. Harlequin is the most valuable of all the opal patterns.

Sterling silver Opal Earrings
crystal opal set in rope style gold

History of earrings

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