Queen of Gems and Gem of Queens

Queen-of-gems -and-gem-of- Queens
green/orange crystal opal

Queen of Gems and Gem of Queens

Queen of Gems and Gem of Queens: Mystifying Opal! Flickering with sparkling blue, aqua, green, red or yellow, is awesome in its eerie beauty. It is the only precious stone having the natural ability to split or diffract the light falling onto it. This makes its optical properties unique. People sometimes do not realize that opal is often more precious than diamonds.

How Do You Get A Precious Opal?

Opal is usually found in cavities or cracks of rocks, in the outback of Australia. It is totally fascinating to see the amazing colors released from their thousand-year-old prisons, by the artistic gem cutter who knows just where to slice the virgin stone without wasting precious gems.

What Makes opal Jewelry Unique?

The shades and patterns in this rainbow gem cuddle almost every tinge of imaginable color. Every opal stone reveals a different color blush making it truly exclusive and spectacular to look at. This unique feature makes it one of the most magnificent and collectible gemstones in the world at present. Its distinctive and captivating qualities are making it the first choice of fashion enthusiasts, looking for a stunning and fascinating adjunct to their chosen outfits.

Unlike other gemstones, Opal gleams in its natural state, without human interference, and thus often it is set in jewelry as it is. It can also be polished and shaped according to the creative ability of the cutter. And the amazing thing about this stone is that it can cater to anyone’s pocket. You can buy a genuine Australian Opal from the minimal range of $20. Or you can pay many thousands of dollars for a collector’s piece
such as “Butterfly” or the “Red Robin” but the cheaper ones also can give a comparable gleam and spectacular look. Because opals are all different, you can match the stone’s pattern and color to your favorite outfit.

The Black Opal – King of Queens

Though at one time being almost unknown because of its young history opal jewelry has attained a huge following by people fascinated by its luminosity and exquisiteness as a jewelry piece. The black opal, for example, is the most recent variety discovered by miners, many of whom came from Europe and other parts of the world in search of Gold and freedom in this vast continent. People could hardly believe their eyes when they saw the complete contrast between the light colored opals that had been introduced to Europe from the ancient Hungarian mines.

Opal – The Most Interactive Gemstone

When these magnificent pieces are adorned in jewelry, the completed creative picture unfolds. From pendants to rings, earrings, necklaces, cuff-links and bracelets, silver and gold opal pieces of jewelry have enthralled not just ladies, but gents as well.

As time goes by and people break away from the old traditions, young and old are becoming increasingly attracted to a stone that not only displays all the colors of the rainbow but features ‘activity’ within itself as the patterns move and color changes from one hue to another. Comparing the opal to other colorful gems is like seeing the difference between a snapshot and a video movie.

These multi-hued gemstones are praiseworthy and enviable additions to your jewelry collection.

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