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Opal Triplet Ring 5407


Opal Triplet Ring

‘lady di’ style opal ring with CZ surround like the ring that Charles bought for Diana. The center stone really stands out against the background of the crystals.

Please note: This ring has an incorrect image. it should be Gold plated. please contact us for more details

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Opal Triplet Ring multiple colored

from the Coober Pedy field with lots of red, greens and oranges

Opal Triplet Ring

Field: Coober Pedy (Australia) Stone Size: 7×5 mm Metal: 925 Sterling Silver Finger Size: U.S: 9 U.K: P 1/2 Go here to find finger sizes For different countries Go to the pink HELP button for information on sizing

Shipping: DHL recommended for faster delivery. Post office currently unreliable

Packaging: Gem pouch Guarantee: International References: testimonials Questions? contact us here

Ring Varieties There are multitudes of different types of finger rings. Most well known are wedding bands, engagement, friendship, school rings, Signet, dress etc.

The ring shown here could be described as a dress ring but it can be adapted to wedding and friendship as well.

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