• Opal Ring 5424

Opal Ring 5424

USD 550

Black Opal Ring


Field: Lightning Ridge, NSW

Stone Size: 7×4.5 mm

Metal: 9k yellow gold

Finger Size: U.S: 7 1/2 U.K: O 1/2

Shipping: Free

Packaging: Gem pouch

Guarantee: International

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Member: American Opal Society.


Ring Varieties

Most rings well known are wedding bands, engagement, friendship, school rings, Signet, dress etc. The ring shown here could be described as a dress ring but it can be adapted to wedding and friendship as well.


The Setting of this Ring:

What we see in the particular opal ring, is an example of a black opal, in this case a deep blue on black opal, set in a free form fashion, taking on no particular shape and surrounded by a bezel of yellow gold.

The center stone is welded to a simple band and accompanied by two diamonds, one on either side, also presented in a bezel rolled in setting. The ring is a simple presentation allowing the dominating color of the black opal to show itself properly.



We don’t put a limit on our guarantees. We don’t expect our workmanship to last for just a year. With sensible care, we expect it to last a lifetime so if you have any problems along the way, please contact us. We are here to serve you, not to just make a sale.

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Deep Blue Solid Black Opal Ring

This is a very deep blue free-form black opal ring from the Lightning Ridge opal fields, set in yellow gold with two diamonds.

Most opals as with other stones such as jade, chrysoprase and tiger eye are usually cut in an oval shape and this has been a traditional practice for many years.

Lightning Ridge dealers always used to bemoan the fact that so much precious opal was being lost because of this practice and its insistence by some international jewelers who saved time using castings that required standard sized calibrated stones to facilitate their process.

However in recent years a more sensible approach has been noticed and that is that precious opal, particularly black opal is cut basically in the shape that it is found in the ground.

The saving of much opal and creating the opportunity for designers and manufacturers to present the stone in a different more appealing manner.

Black Opal Ring Origin:

Lightning Ridge Black Opal fields, Australia is the home of black opal although black opals can also be found in other fields such as Andamooka and Mintabie in South Australia, and of course boulder opal, even though featuring a background of chocolate brown ironstone, is still categorized as a black opal because of its dark background.



Additional information

Finger Size:

U.S: 7 1/2
U.K: O 1/2


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