Opal Pendant 4065


Black Opal Pendant

Field: Lightning Ridge, New South Wales (Australia) Adjunct stones: 25 diamonds Stone Size: 7×5 mm

Metal: 18k Yellow Gold Chain included

Opal Pendant Solid Black boulder

Solid Black boulder opal from the Winton opal fields, set in a delicate 18k yellow gold pendant with diamond

Boulder Opal Pendant Description and Style of pendant:

The center stone has been set with a plain bezel. They are all unique, and the imaginative designs bring out the beauty in these magnificent pieces.

The style of these pendants was inspired by a mixture of shapes and patterns of the Australian outback, combined with Italian imagination and creativity. A work of art that will endure for a very long time.

Boulder opal from Winton Queensland. Stones like this are becoming rarer as the opal fields are running out.

The price of Opal – unlike many gemstones is influenced by supply and demand – not by international cartels who agree on price increases.

Hence – opal is destined to go up in value as the supply becomes more restricted which is happening at present.

The color of these stones is completely natural – in contrast to diamonds [for example] which depend on man made facets to reflect the spectrum colors. Graceful is a good way of describing this lovely pendant – enhanced with 1 small diamond.

Black Opals can be found in most of the Australian opal fields but the most internationally recognized are those from Lightning Ridge.

Free Extras that come with this black boulder opal pendant:

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ONLY RECOMMEND DHL SHIPPING The less expensive post office freight is not reliable. The cost of DHL freight is USD35 or EUR 30. To help you with this extra expense we will include an opal pendant as a gift along with your order.

Packaging: velvet gem box Guarantee: International Perpetual (not just for one year)

References: Take a look at some of our numerous testimonials from previous customers over a period of 30 years. Also, check out our perfect5-star record with google

Neck-Chain: FREE Questions? you can use the pink HELP button or contact us here Guarantee: International

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Definition of ‘pendant’

A piece of jewelry that hangs from a chain worn around the neck.

Black Opal

This black opal comes from a small town called Lightning Ridge, inland NSW Australia. Go here to read about this unique place.

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Opal Pendant with Diamonds and pearl bale

Black opal faceted stone encrusted with diamonds in 18k yellow gold.

Opal pendant origin: Lightning Ridge field, NSW, Australia

Extra stones: 25 small diamonds set in ladi-di fashion with diamond set bale

Stone size: 7x5mm Set in 18k yellow gold with diamond surround and a pearl bale at the top, also with diamonds.

This special dark opal from the Lightning Ridge is unique in that most opals are cut in cabochon style (round top) whereas this one is faceted, allowing light to bounce off the stone from different angles.

The pearl bale opens up and allows you to feature your pendant on a pearl or bead necklace as well as a neck chain, which incidentally, is included. Also in the price is a gift box or gem pouch and international shipping.

Comments: Please request more pics of this pendant before purchasing as the color shown here is much darker than the actual stone. It’s difficult to photograph crystal opals so please talk to us first before buying to avoid disappointment.

The stone is really for someone who prefers the more delicate subtle colors of the light opals rather than the starkness of opaque black opals.

Reputation: 40 years of reliable service. Please click here if you would like to read some comments from our happy customers over the years

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Dimensions 17 × 23 × 7 cm


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