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Opal Unset 0004


Amazing Multi colored genuine dark opal from Lightning Ridge.

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Opal Unset

Take a look at this unusual shaped black opal from the Lightning Ridge field

Black Opal Unset

Size: 16.5 mm x 16.5 mm Total Opals: 1 Total Carats: 3.77 Status: Unset Shape: Triangular Origin: Lightning Ridge – Grawin field Registered Post or Fedex: Free to your door or post office box

Contact: Triangular stones are uncommon. Ask us about special designs for this unique shape. Please inquire in opalmine live chat if you have any questions without obligation to buy anything. This is a service based site.

What is a Black Opal?

The term can be a bit confusing because some think that black opal is black but in actual fact its the darkness or blackness of the background that gives the stone its name.

So black opals are of the family of Dark opals, whereas White and Crystal opal come from the Light opal family. So, all black opals are dark opals but not all dark opals are black opals. The darkness varies between mid grey to really pitch black.

This quality Black opal comes from the Lightning Ridge Opal fields. Stones like this are becoming rarer as the opal fields are running out. The price of Opal, unlike many gemstones is influenced by supply and demand, not by international cartels who agree on price increases.

Hence, opal is destined to go up in value as the supply becomes more restricted which is happening at present. The color of these stones is completely natural, in contrast to diamonds [for example] which depends on man-made facets to reflect the spectrum colors.

The patterns and shapes that present themselves in Black opal often stimulate the imagination, much like the clouds in a clear blue sky. Some of these lovely pieces conjure the imagination and can be called ‘picture’ or ‘personality’ opals.

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Dimensions 17 × 23 × 7 cm


  1. Agnes Guem

    Hallo im have 1 triangle opal together cetifikat and colors blue and green wath is preis?

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