Genuine Opal Jewelry (jewellery-British spelling)

Genuine Opal Jewelry (jewellery-British spelling)
boulder opal 5415 in 18k gold

Genuine Opal Jewelry (jewellery-British spelling)

Genuine Opal Jewelry (jewellery-British spelling)Genuine Opal Jewelry (jewellery-British spelling): Why should it be necessary to put the word “genuine” in front of the name “opal jewelry” Aren’t all opals genuine? When we look at an opal in a jewelry shop it certainly looks genuine and actually, it could be but more often than not, nowadays its NOT.

And lets face it, if it looks nice, why would be bother to know if its genuine opal jewelry (jewellery) or not. Well, nowadays the world has pretty well got used to synthetics. Synthetic clothes, synthetic wool, synthetic leather.. the list goes on and on.

Well, i guess if you ask the ladies who own a diamond ring, whether they would be disappointed or not to find out that the diamond they have bought is a fake, the reaction would be understandably predictable.

They would be VERY annoyed. I guess its something to do with the way we feel about ourselves. its just nice to know that you own something that not only LOOKS nice but is valuable. The same applies to jewelry. Genuine opal jewelry is expected when you see something advertised as such.

For many years it was not possible to create an opal in a laboratory that looked much like the real thing but in recent years, using all sorts of chemical means including in some cases various forms of plastic, the results have been very convincing.

No longer do jewelers have to wait for the miner with his bundle of precious hardware to service their manufacturing process. Its much easier to buy chunks of material from a laboratory and far cheaper. But the result is not GENUINE opal jewelry. Its man made.

However, this site has stuck to the old fashioned genuine opals cleaved from the ground in the hot and dusty outback of Australia and careful manufactured into jewelry of all kinds.

Over the years these amazing pieces have got so rare that at times we wonder whether there will be a time that no more is found. Already some opal fields have just about run out but while the supply still remains genuine opal jewelry is still procurable.

Here at, you can still find GENUINE opal jewellery. Some have been manufactured in such a way that they have an appearance of black or boulder opal but at a far cheaper price, by setting crystal opal in a dark background. But even thought they have been ‘assisted’ in the manufacturing process, they are still natural opals.

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