Opal Jewelry or Jewellery

Opal Jewelry, or jewellery

Opal Jewelry or Jewellery as the British spell it, like rings, pendants, necklaces make ideal fashion accessories for any occasion. Opals are found around the inland areas of Australia.

Videos about Opal Jewelry, or jewellery

Opals are a part of the cultural history of these regions. Many of the old opal mines are not producing anymore. Fields such as White Cliffs and Andamooka still have some coming out of the ground but not extensive.

In recent times Lightning Ridge has also not produced like it used to. We are all waiting for a new field to be found.

Gold is the most common medium used to set opals in most parts of the world. There is a lot of experimentation with different metals and opals set in silver with rhodium coating (to prevent tarnishing) are gaining popularity by the day.

The high price of gold is stimulating this trend because silver is much more economical. Please note that the spelling of the word ‘jewelry’ varies between the USA and the UK, where it is spelled ‘jewellery.’

There is a lot of interesting information about the history of opals and ancient jewelry at this site. Please take a look at the blogs section to see what has been written, ask any questions and make some comments if you feel inclined.

Opal jewellery: Classy Opal Rings

Take a look at these amazing boulder opal rings here

Historically and in the fashion world, rings are by far the most popular form of jewelry and there is no exception to this in the opal industry. Design tastes vary from one person to the other and from one country to another.

Some folks like intricate designs that feature the metal with the stone and some prefer a very plain presentation that makes the opal stone itself stand out.

Opal Pendants are the next contender Watch this video about opal pendants here

And it must be said that it’s a lot easier to buy a pendant for someone than a ring because of the obvious finger size problem. Of course here at the Opalmine site, there is an excellent facility for arriving at the correct finger size but even so, pendants don’t have to be sized and there is more demand for them on this site because of this.

Opal NecklacesOpal Jewelry or Jewellery are just variations of Pendants

They are often larger and more complex opal jewellery than pendants, often featuring many stones either strung along the necklace in the form of beads or hangers or sometimes presented in clusters that hang much the same as a pendant.

Most of these type of items on this site are pendants because opal is usually presented in a larger form than small gems such as diamonds and sapphires.

There are many other types of opal jewellery featured at this site so please browse the extensive range available.

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  1. Victoria regarding mosaic opal. Its a crystal clear cap that is cemented to the opal mosaic to protect it. Peter

  2. Hi Opalmine!
    Just want to let you know I really LOVE all your jewellery!! It is very unique and timeless and great quality!
    Everyone always comments when i wear the beautiful boulder opals!!!
    xx Amy

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words Amy. Yes, those boulder opal split faces are totally unique. Thanks for your help with that photo shoot. Kimberley did a good job. we have her featured in Pinterest. Take a look: http://pinterest.com/petren/opal-photo-shoot/. Best wishes Amy and regards to Hayden and the kids, Peter

  3. bit like 9013/ 4019/ on your site

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  5. Hi Peter and Susan…I’m sure you know about this but if not then could you check out the opal design competition at http://www.iojdaa.com.au. Yout talents and skill would be welcome in this competition…but you probably well acquainted with it??…Ian

    1. Thanks Ian, I’ll take a look. My main interest of course is australian opal and designing for this stone is quite a challenge. best wishes Ian, Peter

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