Opal Jewelry for Sale

Opal Jewelry for Sale

Opal Jewelry for Sale
rectangle boulder opal with rubies

Opal Jewelry for Sale, online, open up a far greater selection than the old times when it was limited to jewelry showcases. Opal in all its varieties, shapes, patterns and colors are at this site to peruse without pressure or obligation.

Traditionally the ladies have worn traditional type gems such as rubies, sapphires, diamonds etc., as well as non-gemstone jewelry made from just silver, one of the golds either yellow, white, or platinum.

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We have a wide range of all varieties at low, wholesale prices.

In recent years because of the crazy price of gold, opal jewelry for many folks in the middle-income range has been out of the question because of the price of gold. They have opted for that other precious metal, silver and it needs to be noted that the color of silver goes very well in opal jewelry.

Particularly with black opal, boulder opal, opal triplets and opal doublets which are darker in color and display an excellent contrast between the white metal and the darker opals.

Opal Jewellery for Sale at opalmine, comes in all shapes, sizes, and types.

Of course, the ladies prefer opal rings, opal pendants, opal earrings and bracelets whereas the guys tend toward things like opal belt

buckles, opal bolas, opal cuff links, opal tie tacks and opal hat pins all coming under the umbrella of“Opal jewelry”.
Whatever is your choice you can guarantee that there is a color or pattern that will suit your personality, your wallet or your clothing style because opal comes in multitudes of rainbow colors from red to blue, to yellow to green and of course often with multiples of the same color within the same stone, making it an individual piece that will be recognized as yours and yours alone.

Many varieties. You don’t have to spend thousands

of dollars to find a really nice opal pendant, for example. Because precious opal can be set with a dark background as is the case with opal doublets and opal triplets that dark deep stunning color is yours to display without spending a lot of money on expensive black opals and boulder opals set in “opal jewelry”

And of course in the case of boulder opals, if you like something that looks really natural and unique, go
for a matrix stone, that is boulder opal with flecks of color intermingled with the chocolate boulder
ironstone so familiar to the western Queensland Australian opal fields.

These stones set in free form silver with either a bezel or claw setting will look stunning whether you
feature it with a leather thong or silver chain.

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